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The following information appears only because this entity has hit my radar and has raised a concern and I do not want to lose this information. I’m keeping it handy in case issues appear in the future.

Tipster Says

I just sent you a tip of “YOURREMEDYISINTHELAW.COM” They also go by the name

They are selling a law suit for KRAMER/KASLOW. They claim the up front fees are going right to the attorneys. They are making money themselves doing this. Three of us signed up with their program just a year ago for a Forensic audit and a way to go to court by the forensic audit and told it was best not to
be in foreclosure which we weren’t.

Their program was a promise to either get our mortgage deleted or a big chunk removed with their programs. We all have our paper work of promises and we each have paid them $3,000.00. There are 3 of us from Michigan and another 500 people that were scammed also. They put us on hold after they took our money and decided to switch/bait the program and we never got our audit done.

They told us we would have to join the National Lawsuit with an additional $2,500.00 which is with taw group Kramer/Kaslow instead of refunding our money. We have all the old recordings from this group back to almost a year ago with all of their pitches and our paper work as sent to them that was dated on 4-01-10.

Why would we want to join a lawsuit with this group as they are rated “F” on the BBB site. They are located in Deland, Fla and go by Michael Lawrence and Michael Edward. These are not their real names. If you need them I will give them to you. Our checks/money orders were made out to:

Trustee of Bank Billards Trust,
9112 Camp Bowie Blvd. W #405,
Fort Worth, TX 76116.

Steve Notes

Worth watching for any more consumer complaints about these companies. The sales pitch email below concerns me with it’s language about debt avoidance.

The Pitch

This was the email sent out by the group the tipster (send in your tips here) was concerned about.

Date: Mon, Jun 20, 2011 at 3:27 PM
Subject: Monday: SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: FREEDOM GROUPS: The National Law Suit IN ADDITION TO your Exhaustive Administrative Remedy


Public Service Announcement:



Freedom Group

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: FREEDOM GROUPS: The National Law Suit IN ADDITION TO your Exhaustive Administrative Remedy

A MOST IMPORTANT CALL THE LAWYERS ARE WITH US! See how YOU can be in federal court in as little as 8 weeks! LEARN HOW TO PROSECUTE THE BANKS WITH A DOUBLE PORTION! Visit the web site and SEE THE PROOF! THIS IS A MUST HEAR CALL!!! Don’t forget you may listen in at SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: NEW PRODUCT / SERVICE: THE CREATION OF A TRUST THAT WILL HAVE TRUSTEE LLC’S THAT GO INTO BANKRUPTCY FOR YOU INSTEAD OF YOU!!!! CREATING A WINDOW ANYWHERE FROM 6 MONTHS TO 18 MONTHS POSSIBLE STAY IN PROCEEDINGS! Bare Bones Cost is different depending upon the individual NOTE: The following costs represent the FRONT END FEES *ONLY* and not the BACK END FEES, which vary depending on the amount of the note and the value of the property. Admin Process: $3,500.00 Identifies and publishes the federal violations of RESPA, TILA, HOUPA, FDCPA, FCRA, TCPA and Reg. Z. Sets the bank for a federal law suit on these matters. – see – When done after The National Law Suit, it puts the Plaintiff in a place to go directly to Summary Judgment as ‘guilt’ is established by the outcome of The National Law Suit. Backend Fees – Homeowner receives 60% of the settlements. The National Law Suit $5,000.00 Lawyers, representing the homeowner, file suit – see – and have the belief they will be successful. The Lawyers are looking at the back-end fees as their incentive to win. NOTE: When you read the actual law suit you should notice each claim is ‘criminal’ in nature, yet is expressed in a civil law suit. This is part of their strategy; the same strategy the IRS uses against us; use civil to produce the evidence for criminal. Backend Fees – Homeowner receives 75% of the settlements and pays 25% of the value of the note or home; whichever is less. Combined: $6,000.00 This is, without hesitation in my opinion, the only way to go as it gives the homeowner two times going into court for damages. Evidence Package: $2,800.00 This is practically all the ‘sins’ of the bank put into one package. This price includes the writing of a Void Judgment or filing into a current case, which is deemed 8 hours of time at $250 an hour, to either Void the older foreclosure or stop the one coming at you. This is The Stake into The Heart of banksters. BK / TRUST $1,200.00 / $2,000.00 = $3,200.00 What a wonderful tool! This enables you to take 25% of your ownership of your home and place it into a Trust. Entities within the Trust develop ‘issues’ that stop the forward motion of the bank against the homeowner. This can buy anywhere from 6 months to as much as 24 months of time or more depending upon the individual circumstances of the case.

The Phone Numbers and Pins are published at behind the Free Tele-Conference tab. Enter with your User Name and Password. If you don’t have one, click on “New? REGISTER HERE” and create your unique User Name and Password. Information is available only to registered members. Click on Free Tele-Conference Calls and you will see the correct information.


So, if you want to learn how you can accomplish this Offensive Posture for yourself, listen to and participate in the Free Tele-Conference Calls most every evening of the week. See the ‘Free Tele-Conferences’ TAB at, AND THE NEW CALENDAR TAB. There are also the Archives to view two years of historical conference calls!

Best regards,


The Leader in Step-by-Step Lawsuit Self-Help . . . On the Web Since 1997
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I also encourage you to purchase the 24 hour JurisDictionary Course found at the products and services page at This course is the absolute minimum entry level for anyone who is anticipating having to deal with a lawful issue. It will be the best 24 hours you have ever spent! I have heard it said this course, when completely understood by you, could put you on par with 85% of the lawyers you may come across.

DISCLAIMER: Legal Information is NOT the same as Legal Advice This site provides entertainment/educational information about law designed to help users safely cope with their own legal needs. But legal educational information is not the same as legal advice. The application of law varies with an individual’s specific circumstances. The laws of every state are in constant change, and although we go to great lengths to make sure our information is accurate and useful, we recommend you consult a lawyer if you want professional assurance that our information, and your interpretation of it is appropriate to your particular situation.


Registered owner of and are:

Most Affordable Marketing
c/o 1543 Old Daytona Court
DeLand, FL 32720
[email protected]

The sites hosted on the server are:

The other domains on the server are:

This is the website:

Company Information

If you have had any experience with this program, please post your comments and feedback in the comments below.

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