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I Made a Partial Car Payment But They Repossessed the Car Anyway. – Denise

“Dear Steve,

I made a partial car payment and I called the car company and told them the rest of the payment was in the mail and on it’s way a few days later they came and reposed it so they have my money and the car Now they want me to pay for the repo I think they are trying to get over on me

Do I have any rights should I contact a lawyer?


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Dear Denise,

A partial car payment does not protect your car from being repossessed. I suspect you were behind and that this was not the first time your loan was not current.

The car lender is allowed to sell your car at auction and then go after you for the difference between the low auction sale price and what you currently owe on the car.

By all means you should contact a local attorney to make sure they followed the appropriate procedures for repossessing a vehicle in your state.

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  • Is it better to try and get another car a let your old loan be attached to the new car o rjust let your old car get repossed and get a new one?

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