Is Canada Credit Fix Full of It?

A company in Canada is bragging that their credit repair and debt settlement business is going so great they just passed on a $223 million offer to buy them.

Canada Credit Fix’s President Sheldon Wolf shrugged off a 223 million dollar offering to buy out their Canadian credit repair and debt settlement company. A spokesman for Canada Credit Fix did state that they have no plans on selling its Canadian operations and in alternative will be releasing their revolutionizing new platform Zang.

So what is this amazing new Zang they speak of? Well according to them it is “their new platforms designed to administer referrals and leads to their affiliates and network across Canada.” Apparently our friends to the north get very excited over back office software.

Canada Credit Fix Sales Pitch

The Canada Credit Fix sales pitch is that for a membership fee you get free credit repair and debt settlement services.

The package includes:
FREE Credit Repair Service
FREE Debt Settlement Service
13 Point Credit Analysis
Credit Score Optimization Analysis
Credit Score Booster
1 Year Credit Analysis
Identity Theft Insurance
Individual Credit Coaching – Source

They also sell a foreclosure service as well.

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Canada credit fix is located at:

10820 – 24th Street S.E.
Calgary, Alberta T2Z 4C9

So What is this Canada Credit Fix Zang Thing

I’ll let their own words describe what their new Zang platform is.

Canada Credit Fix adapts these ideas to their Zang online platform by focusing on five aspects of North American financial life; Credit (mortgages & loans), Real Estate, Automotive, Investment and Insurance. Zang offers a gateway to these five essential financial services.

While Canada Credit Fix will allow their thousands of consumer members’ access to use the Zang Connect services for free as part of their membership; the businesses and affiliates will have to both qualify to Zang standards and pay a minimal monthly fee for access to the Zang Commerce portal. This in turn offers mutual benefit for Canada Credit Fix’s affiliates and clients by giving both a means to communicate and do business together. Affiliates also benefit from gaining access to the Credit Binder and Credit Finder exclusive recommended directory and classified system. Each affiliate is expected and encouraged to offer either Zang Exclusive specials or discounts to the consumer members as part of the Zang philosophy. Zang Commerce will not accept referral fees or kick backs. Zang was designed as a public service to benefit both their affiliates and consumers and makes 100% of their revenue from corporate user fees and advertising sources. – Source

So it looks like a cross sale platform. Anyone excited about that?

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Good thing Canada Credit Fix is located across the border. Their services don’t look like they’d be legal in the U.S.

Special hat tip to the fine tipster (send in your tips here) that brought this to my attention.

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