American Credit Group – Consumer Complaint

Date This Problem Happened: Tuesday, May 31, 2011

State You Live in: Virginia

Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $1,800

Company Name: American Credit Group

Company Address:
PO Box 26640
San Diego, California 92196

Website of Company:

Consumer Statement:

This has been one of the worst situations I have been in recently.

I reached out to the American Credit Group in December of 2010. We had an immediate family member fall seriously ill, with no insurance, and sadly pass away. It was a tremendously difficult few years emotionally, and financially it drained us.

After seeking assistance in every way possible, it was time to seek more drastistic measures for financial assistance. Again, reaching out to the American Credit Group for assistance.

The Sale pitch was perfect – fell right into the sympathetic area which was much needed. However, it was false. I began paying $600 per month to settle my debts, which I know now was illegal based on the October 2010 change in laws. I wasn’t aware of this, however, at the time. When I started to realize a problem existed was when in March no settlements had been made, as promised. The creditors were calling furious due to the fact that one, no payment was being sent, two, no proposals for settlement were receieved, and three, the number I was instructed to give them was a fake number.

I started to call weekly, no calls back. I would just a generic email stating that, “as I continue to pay my monthly $600.00 I will eventually see progress.” Sadly, nothing, and I mean nothing was done. By June, things reached a fever pitch. Discover filed suit against me. I was served with papers – a warrent in debt.

I called frantically to gain an understanding of how to proceed and how they were going to provde assistance to me. I left message after message, emailed, and emailed – three weeks NO call back. I finally tracked my specialist down, Stacey Daggert, through the receptionist. She promised to have the Negotiations Team get back to me asap. NO ONE called – ever. I was forced into bankruptsy – my credit ruined, and now even further in debt, with a legal judgement against me.

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On May 31, 2011, I officially cancelled my contract. My contract states that monies are to be returned within 15 days of the cancellation – it’s July 19, nothing.

The own, Marlon Gardinera is a part of the scam – all refund must be done through him. Yet, he disappears, and reappears with excuses like, “been in the hospital”, “been on travel”, “the system is down”, “I’ll keep you posted every day” – Nothing has been done. I was scammed at the time I needed assistance the most. I trusted this group – they lied, stole, and scammed me out of $1800.00.

I want to warn every person possible to avoid this company at all cost – you’d be better off just seeking an Attorney’s advice (spend the money they will steal from you more wisely).


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2 thoughts on “American Credit Group – Consumer Complaint”

  1. I also used this company to help with my debt-credit, I had almost 30k in debt and they sold me on both settling my debt andrepairing my credit after. I have had all but one account settled and have been there a year so far. The rep Stacey is also my specialist and she IS very hard to get a hold of but hey if she saves me so far close to 20k, who am I to complain. I also was served some court papers on chase but we settled out of court before judgment was entered. I still havent see my credit repair they promised but its not over till its over. Overall, pretty good, my parents plan to join next month. Good luck to all

  2. Dear Virginian consumer,

    I know it has been a couple months but how did things turn out? Did you get any monies back? Normally debt settlement companies have the majority of your fund contribution go to a third party trust account banker where it builds up and then they use that to negotiate your debt with. With the new FTC ruling they are suppose to take their fee after a debt has been settled. This is the way the new performance model is suppose to work. Many are struggling with this model but they are supposed to be compliant.

    Do you know where your trust account was being kept? It may be that this company
    wasn’t necessarily avoiding your call but maybe they didn’t have the manpower to call
    you back and give you the attention you deserved.



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