Amerizon Group, Debt Restructuring Company Information.

Recently I published a comprehensive article on the new fad of consumer debt restructuring. See Consumer Debt Restructuring 101: What It is and What You Need to Know About It to Stay Out of Trouble.

Some of the documents that I published as part of my investigation were labeled as coming from the Amerizon Group.

According to public records, the Amerizon Group is a limited liability company in California. The members of the LLC are Christopher Larocque, Justin Springer, and Eric Sullivan. Amerizon Group LLC filed as a Domestic on Friday, September 04, 2009.

For a company that has put out very detailed material about the debt restructure market and pushing it to marketers, you would think they would at least have a website. In fact there is very little public information.

For the most part, Amerizon Group appears to be trying to be a major player in the debt restructuring market but flying under the radar or they are a small fish and not worth paying attention to.

I did locate a domain name for the company, amerizongroup.com. The domain name is owned by Amerizon Group, 7709 Appaloosa Trail, Orange, California 92869 and the administrative contact is Christopher Shihadeh.

I did locate some potential addresses for the company

Amerizon Group, LLC
2181 Springfield Ave
Union, NJ 07083

Amerizon Group, LLC
3151 Airway Avenue
Suite K230
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Amerizon Group
7709 Appaloosa Trail
Orange, California 92869


Next Generation Debt Settlement Debt Restructure Group, Amerizon Group, Eli Smart Debt Settlement, Debt Restructuring Internet, Irvine, California

This company seemed ok at first, didn’t have any trouble contacting them or getting issues dealt with. After a couple of weeks in the program I decided to cancel it. I was promised my refund within 30 days, 5 months later I am still trying to get that refund. I call and leave my name and number, they never call back. Sent e-mails, faxed letters, left voice mails for the past 4 months. Just get told that they will contact me. This never happens. I’ve been able to determine that Eli Smart is the owner of the company, and have requested to talk to him. They can’t connect the call and tell me he wil call back. He never does. This company has $800 of my money and they won’t give it back. If you are thinking of doing debt settlement, or debt restructure, please … PLEASE .. don’t use this company. I believe they are ripping off customers. – Source

Other Documentation on Amerizon Group


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4 thoughts on “Amerizon Group, Debt Restructuring Company Information.”

  1. Do not use this company they take your money and dont do what they say they are goin to do to help you i use in this company for 7 months was told all the good things they were goin to do for me it turned out to be a Scam they got 1600.00 dollars of my money and dont want to give me a refund i had a person by the name brain webb working on my case for the firet few weeks everything was fine that you cant get anyone on the phone to help you you leave mesges Eamils no one returnd them for almost three monthe I had to deal with this Bull shit i reported them to the BBB and they come back saying Byain webb doent work for them i canceled everything with them they are a Bunck of Con.s do not use them they will rob you of you moeny

  2. I was an affiliate of a company called Debt Restructure Group/ Debt Restructure Market. I think they may have been a reseller of the Parent Company operating as Debt Restructure Solutions or Debt Restructure Group.   The company I dealt with has disappeared and I can not contact anyone.  Their website Debt Restructure Market.com has disappeared and brings up the one for Debt Restructure Solutions.       We are owed commissions and I am wondering what is happening to the clients I have enrolled. Does anyone know anything about this company?  I dealt with a Bryan Webb.


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