Precision Law Center Caught Not Even Really Trying

Now to add a moment of brevity to your day I had to share this with you from Precision Law Center in California. For those that don’t recognize the name, Precision Law Center is trying to be a big player in the mass joinder lawsuit business where, for a big advanced fee that is split with marketers, they try to persuade consumers to sign up using dubious mailers. I’ve covered that all before.

For a while now I’ve noticed they have been trying their hands at SEO efforts to get their name out. But today crossed my desk an email with a link to their latest attempt, a press release.

Let’s take a look at that effort.

Precision Law Center Mass Joinder and Precision Law Center Mass Tort

Watertown, South Dakota, United States of America [This was filed under news for Watertowm, South Dakota. While being a nice and lovely town, that’s a heck of a long way from California where PLC is actually located. I think they have a geography crisis going on.] (Free-Press-Release.com) July 30, 2011 — Precision law center: In the world there are two types of people one is the seller the other is the buyer or the consumer. [Always a great way to start off a press release about legal services.] The seller always makes an effort to earn more, sometimes through ethical means [Is ethical means the exception?], and at times through unethical means [Is PLC admitting to unethical means at times?]. The second category of people, the consumers always want things at minimum investment and reasonable price [Damn, consumers.]. In this trade many times, the sellers observe certain unethical means, which are ignored by few consumers and few fight for it. Such a situation leads to Precision law center mass joinder. [So the unethical means lead to Precision Law Center? Is that what they are saying?]

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Whenever you feel cheated my your money lender, or feel that there is some unethical means being observed with your mortgage property, there is only one law firm to consider for help, that is Precision law center. [Now there’s a classic sentence written by someone that doesn’t know the business at all. Forget english as a second language, that’s just real estate law as a fourth language.] The Precision law center mass tort lawyers are experts of the profession, who put in all the hard work and dedication in fighting cases for you, against your mortgage provider. We are known and respected for our influential services in the field of law. Our lawyers help clients all over the world [Really, all over the world?] with home loan and other mortgage related complexities.

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Though there are other law firms in California, who can help you out with mass tort, but Precision law centers mass tort is the most popular [Sounds like a favorite PopTart.] and trusted because we have in house attorneys who are renowned all over the world [Again with the world thing.] because of their high caliber performance and dedication towards work [So they are dedicated towards work, now there is a world class accolade.]. All the attorneys at Precision law center are specialized in certain field of law like the property tax etc. This helps to provide a focused service to all its customers, and help the homeowners to fight cases against the mortgage lenders and get their money back.

About Precision law center: Our commitment to work is the only reason of our success. [Because without a commitment to work we’d be unsuccessful?] The Precision law center mass tort experts bring together the brightest minds in the business [The marketers maybe?], and have set great relationship standards with clients over the years. For further information on our services you can visit on our website: http://precisionlawcenter.com

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You can even write to us about your queries at: info@precisionlawcenter.com

Calila Jones
6 Hutton Center Dr. Suite 600
South Coast Metro, Ca 92707
Email Id : precisionlawcenterr@gmail.com – Source

So here is what we’ve learned:

  1. Precision Law Center is located in Watertown, South Dakota.
  2. At times services are sold through unethical means.
  3. Consumers want to buy stuff at reasonable prices.
  4. Few consumers fight back against unethical businesses.
  5. Precision Law Center claims to provide legal services all over the world.
  6. They claim their legal services are the most popular.
  7. The attorneys there think work is something to be dedicated towards.
  8. The only reason Precision Law Center claims any success is because they are dedicated towards work.

Let’s just hope that Precision Law Center is more dedicated towards making sure the legal work they do for consumers makes more sense.

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