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Colorado Cancels or Revokes Debt Settlement and Credit Counseling Company Licenses

The State of Colorado has apparently revoked or canceled the licenses of Vortex Debt Group, Square One Debt Settlement, New Life Debt Relief, Nationwide Support Services, CSA, Credit Solutions of America, and Credit Answers.

The following credit counseling group license was canceled through withdrawl, National Foundation for Debt Management. [Update: For clarification, please be advised that NFDM voluntarily surrendered its license in Colorado (and many other states) pursuant to a merger.] – Source

These revocations were brought to me by a wonderful tipster (send in your tips here).


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  • Echart53

    How can we get involved in the lawsuit against CSA or find out more information?

  • Debtman

    I recal all of the debt settlement companies listed above being pretty heavily supported by affiliates and such.
    Some of the above names are “no-mo” in any state if I am not mistaken.
    Hows those high affiliate commissions treatin y’all still haning on?

  • Blessed

    National Foundation for Debt Management loses its license, smells like more great work from Judy Sorensen. Let’s see what she will do at the “Compliance Alliance”.

    • Steve Rhode

      The license was actually withdrawn due to a merger and not taken from them, according to an email I received from Judy Sorensen.

      • Blessed

        Then it was good work!

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