Reader Looking for Debt Settlement Business Consultant

I got this email and thought I’d pass it along in case anyone has a suggestion.

“Steve – do you know of a debt settlement consultant out there to help me do a business plan for a new debt settlement marketing company with a performance based attorney model. I need to find someone to help me answer all my questions and plan a budget forward to offer this service.”

If you know someone that might be able to help, comment below.


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3 thoughts on “Reader Looking for Debt Settlement Business Consultant”

  1. Please help me understand why a performance based debt settlement company would also need to be attorney based?  Only thought that comes to mind is to be able to charge upfront “retainer fees”.  Same as the upfront model that failed miserably, created a bad name for the industry and harmed consumers. 

  2. Markt Improvements provides consulting services and business development services for entities entering the debt relief business or looking to expend it services offerings.  We have done consulting work for multiple service providers and law firms in the debt relief business.

  3. USDRinc is a provider of consulting service to both existing
    and new entrants in the vertical. We currently offer compliance, technology,
    training and everything in between.

    As an ISO 9001 accredited firm our systems meet statutory
    and regulatory compliance while achieving exception results for consumers and
    proper revenue for companies. Please review the BSI Case study


    888.991.3328 – Toll Free

    972.991.9191 – local


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