Consumer Benefits Division – Consumer Complaint 8-11-2011

Date This Problem Happened: August 2, 2011

State You Live in: Ohio

Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid:

Company Name: Consumer Benefits Division

Company Address:

Website of Company: cbdivision.com

Consumer Statement:

I received a deceptive letter from nationwide financial center a few months back and canceled the DMP program when they charged me 1500 dollars. I received a similar letter last week and called the number looks as if the company simply changed the name and website. Same sales pitch marketing letter and similar website both in San Diego. I smell a scam!!



I took a look at the sites. Both sites have their domain ownership hidden but they are both hosted with the same ISP.

cbdivision.com was just registered on July 26, 2011 so it does appear they are trying to run from their bad name under Nationwide Financial Center.

On their website CBD does not list any address, a red flag, but they do list their phone number as 888-308-9368.

The mission listed on Nationwide Financial Center says:

“We believe everyone is capable of living a successful life free of financial burdens given the proper training. Our Mission is to teach people how to properly manage their funds with our detailed training courses, put together for the specific purpose of helping people understand the essentials of savings and building real wealth.”

The mission listed on CBD says:

“Financial burdens can frequently be avoided, provided that people understand how to manage their money. We have developed a training course that helps people develop life-long habits and strategies that not only help them to avoid debt, but also help them to build their savings. Wealth does not result from a windfall mindset; it is the result of thoughtful, measured planning. We teach people how to achieve their financial dreams.”

I’d call that substantially similar.

What I find fascinating is their website at Consumer Benefits Division makes no mention they offer debt relief products but the mailer you got does. Are they trying to hide this fact?

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It’s interesting you were approached for a debt management plan by CBD, a company who makes it appear from their website they are selling shopping, wellness, care care, and lifestyle programs. But yet their mission is all about financial intervention.

Based on the similarities in other parts of the two sites, similarities in the way the sites are constructed, and the information you provided, I’d have to agree, it does appear that Nationwide Financial Center is trying to branch out under the new name of Consumer Benefits Division.

Thank you for submitting this informaiton.


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