Glasser & Glasser Just Served Us With a Warrant About Our Debt. – Jody

“Dear Damon,

Drowning in cc debt (62K). Just served with a warrant in debt (Glasser & Glasser). Want to contact cc companies with an offer of settlement though our cash is minimal and would ask for a significant reduction in the settlement amount. Scared to even talk with them b/c of reputations they have! Own a mortage and am current. Am current on secured debt. Want to avoid bankruptcy. If you or a referred pro can help me negotiate with them, I am open. Looking for help to get moving on this.

Do you have sample letters to help me contact them.? Do you have another suggestion for action to take re the Warrant? Do you have any knowledge of this particular collection firm (Glasser & Glasser) as I have read that firms have particular reputations and personalities and it helps to know who you are dealing with). I do have a request in to a local attorney to consult. Was planning to respond to an attorney solicitation (Wites & Kapetan) until I Googled them. .


Hello Jody,

At this point it may be a bit too late to try and work a deal with them if your funds are limited. If you do not respond to the warrant you will receive a default judgment and then they would have the ability to potentially garnish paychecks or levy bank accounts or other assets. I don’t know enough about your situation to tell you exactly what to do, but I would encourage you to meet with a bankruptcy attorney to just explore that option at this time.

I am not saying that a settlement isn’t possible at this juncture, but knowing if you can qualify for a chapter 7 bankruptcy would certainly give you some extra leverage in a settlement. Right now they have the upper hand and they know it so you would need to do whatever you could to beef up your negotiating position a bit.

When you say that cash is minimal right now, how much is minimal?

How much is this lawsuit for?

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  1. I actually work for Wites and Kapetan and the attorneys there and very helpful in giving advice as to what you should do in your situation. We also do in house bankruptcy if that is an option that you feel would be best. If you need their contact number it is 888-499-3649.


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