Conclusion – Listen to Your Heart

Conclusion – Listen to Your Heart

When you realize that you are experiencing pain and grief, and this pain and grief is coming from financial problems, your first thought might be to look for a magic solution with a dream ending. The most common dreams I hear people mention are loans, lottery and bankruptcy. They are all short-term fixes, not longterm solutions.

I want to be perfectly clear about this next point. Life gives you no guarantees. I can’t promise you anything other than if you follow the advice given in this book, you can survive your problems and emerge a better person for it. It worked for me and I’ve watched it work for many, many others.

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Sometimes, when people come to me for help, they have a predetermined picture of how they want their situation resolved. They envision that their creditors are all going to fall over and accept whatever offer they propose to repay their debt. They imagine that their relationships would be better if they could just pay their Sears bill or a bunch of other stuff that is not realistic. Often the reason they can’t see reality is because they are in denial. We already talked about denial.

If you listen to your life you will find that it has a funny way of giving you the right answers and, while they might not always be apparent and they might be what you least expect, they often make themselves known later. For example, when my family and I were suffering through our financial problems, did I feel like it was a blessing? No. It took me three years after our bankruptcy to see how my experience could help others.

Since then I have tried to listen to the lessons life has presented to me and now I present them to you.

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I hope this book gives you the guidance to become as happy and rich as you can stand. Live your authentic life. Be at peace.

I hope we can meet one day and when we do, I’ll give you a big hug and congratulate you for doing the bravest thing in the world: looking within and not shying away from what you see. While you’re looking around you might see something you want to change about yourself, so change it. But if you give yourself a chance, I bet you’ll also find some pretty terrific stuff you can use as a foundation as you build a happier life.

The power to be happy and at peace lies within you right now. All you have to do is let it out.



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ConclusionListen to Your Heart

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See also  Chapter 5 – If You Had a Million Rats, Would You be Successful?

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