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Consumers Who are Current, Targeted for Debt Relief Sales

A new trend is emerging of companies that are targeting consumers that are current on their bills for debt relief services. This probably grows out of the fact the number of consumers behind and in trouble continues to diminish as time ticks by since the peak in 2009.

It’s a devious trick to target these consumers. The sales pitch will most likely be some crafty way to payoff your debt fast, for which a big fee will be charged or some new scheme to trick consumers into paying thousands of dollars for services they just don’t need.

Just yesterday two of these approaches hit my radar. The first came from a commenter that mentioned they had been approach by Nationwide Financial Center for services targeted at people who were current.

You can learn more about Nationwide Financial Center here.

The second instance is a television commercial I saw last night. It’s the first instance I’ve seen of these commercials.

This one said it was affiliated with Lawrence Dressler, 516 Ellsworth Avenue, New Haven, CT 06511 203-772-4848, Stacy Roberson, Fayetteville, AR, The Law Firm of Victor Luke APLC 1600 N Broadway, Suite 800, Santa Ana CA 92706 866-638 1181.

The commercial said to call 800-665-4618.

I did manage to snap a couple of pictures of the commercial. You will notice the commercial says:

“Must be current & maxed out on credit cards.
Qualified individuals may become debt free 18-60 months.”

Somethings Not Right Here

You will notice the commercial immediately sets consumers up. Even in a debt management plan a $45,000 balance is going to run $950 a month or so. The commercial makes a claim that it can be repaid at $472 a month. It logically seems too good to be true.

The commercial also claims that the maximum time for repayment is 60 months but a $45,000 balance at $472 a month would take 95 months at 0% interest.

Maybe this is really a deceptive add for bankruptcy services?

Victor Waldor Luke

The commercial mentions it is affiliated with The Law Firm of Victor W. Luke, APLC. Here is the California Bar record on Luke.

And sure enough, the website of the Law Offices of Victor W. Luke sell debt settlement and bankruptcy.

The testimonials on the site appear to be all about debt settlement and not about bankruptcy services. The title on the page says, “Below are just a few samples from thousands of successfully debt adjusted accounts.” – Source

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The site also lists some affiliated attorneys with the firm:

  • Texas Office:
    Law Offices of Victor W. Luke
    Jessica L. Hanzlik, Esq.
    12002 Bandera Rd., Suite 102
    Helotes, Texas 78023
    Telephone: (866) 512-9928 | Fax: (210) 485-2106

  • Florida Office:
    MANAGING ATTORNEY (Director/Shareholder)
    Mark S. Steinberg, Esq.
    185 S.E. 14th Terrace, Ste. 803
    Miami, FL 33131
    Tel: (305) 671-0015 | Fax: (305) 498-6895

  • Connecticut Office:
    Managing Attorney
    Lawrence Dressler, ESQ
    Larry S. Dressler
    12 Trumbull St.
    New Haven, CT 06511
    Tel: (203) 772-4848 | Fax: (203) 498-1792

  • California Office:
    1600 N. Broadway Suite 810
    Santa Ana, CA 92705
    Telephone: (866) 654-5853
    Fax: (866) 576-5853

The Texas address is also listed as the address for Texas State Representative, John V. Garza. – Source

According to the Florida address is actually a two bedroom, two bathroom condo. – Source

My Issue With the Commercial

The commercial concerns me that it is specifically targeted at consumers who are current on their bills and the services that appear to be sold to consumers will negatively impact their credit, but that certainly does not appear prominently in the sales pitch.

On the contrary, the commercial makes it appears that consumers who are current will be able to simply reduce their debt for about 1.05% of their debt per month. The calculation works consistently across the examples given.

For me, the commercial is deceptive and misleading.

The Full List of Participating Attorneys

Vann A. Spray, Esq. – AL
Stacy K. Robinson, Esq. – AR
Christopher Skipp, Esq. – CO
Lawrence Dressler, Esq. – CT
Mark S. Steinberg, Esq – FL*
Robert J. Stevens, Esq. – GA
Patrick C. Kershisnik, Esq. – ID
Craig J. Beauchamp, Esq. – CA
Randall Brian Stiles, Esq – IN
J D Haas, Esq. – MN / WI
Camron L. Hoorfar, Esq. – MO
Richard A. Sadoff, Esq.- KY
Taetrece Harrison, Esq – LA
Richard R. Regan, Esq. – ME
Wayne Gracey, Esq. – PA
Daniel Goldsmith Ruggiero – MA
Mark L. Small, Esq. – MI
Michael R. Ruffenach, Esq. – MN
Sonia Lee Shurden, Esq. – MS
Charles E. Dorwart, Esq. – NE
Karl J. Andersen, Esq. – NV
Jeremy A. Miller, Esq. – NH
Stuart Jon Bierman, Esq. – NJ*
Mary Louise Boelcke, Esq. – NM
David N. Kass, Esq. – NY*
Carena Lemons – NC*
Lewis A. Berkowitz, Esq. – OK
Alex J. Sparra II, Esq. – SC*
Dwight T. Moore, Esq. – TN
K. “Andy” Tiwari, Esq.- TX
Earl Taylor, Esq. – UT
James P. Carmody, Esq. – VA
Branka Vukshich, Esq. – WA*
Craig J. Beauchamp, Esq. – CA
Robert Beckerman, Esq. – CA
Maribel A. Lopez – TX
K. “Andy” Tiwari – TX
Jessica Hickford – TX
James Michael Bell, Esq. – TX
Jessica L. Hanzlik, Esq. – TX

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Catarina M. Benitez, Esq.– CA
Jason S. Buckingham, Esq.– CA
Richard L. Antognini, Esq. – CA
Nitche Ward, Esq. – CO
Tomislav D. Golik – FL
Yashica N. McArthur, Esq – FL
Bertrand G. Bosmans, P.A. – FL
Jeffrey M. Krasner, Esq. – IL
Alisha Leuer, Esq. – IL
Pamela J. Fratini, Esq. – IN
Eric Redman, Esq. – IN
Larry E. Pichon – LA
Daniel W. Keleher, Esq – MA
Karla R. Burton, Esq. – NV
Robert Radman, Esq. – NY
Taverni, Linda, Esq. – NY
Timothy R. Collins, Esq. – NY
Jennifer B Rollins, Esq. – OH
David N. Reinherz Esq. – PA
Jeffrey T. Morris Esq. – PA
Michael B. Schwegler – TN
Ronald J. Smeberg, Esq. – TX
Gerald I. Smith, Sr., Esq. – TX
George W. Long, Esq. – TX
Michael Nevarez, Esq. – TX
F.J. Murphy Pepper, Esq. – VA

(* Director/Shareholder)

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  • This is a scam I was signed up with them. They told one of my creditors that they refused to pay them because it was out of stat. I wanted all my bills paid not just the ones I could be sued for. 4 year stat but on my credit for 7. If your really concerned about paying off your bills avoid these people.

  • How and the heck does this Victor Luke settlement company have BBB accrediation and an A+ with their deceptive advertising and advance fee attorney model? To top that off they are memebers of the LA BBB, the BBB who had an agenda against settlement companies the last 8 or so years.

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