I Hate My Job, My Boss is a Jerk, I’m Stressed, And Want Out. – Jamie

“Dear Steve,

I am stressed feeling trapped in an employment contract that I signed for 3 years. In this contract states that if i am to resign before 3yrs, i would have to pay 6x of the stated salary which would sum up to 17K and 3monts notice or 3x salary on top of the 6x salary which i need to pay.

At first, it was so easy thinking that its only for 3yrs, i can do that. But past 1 month, the job is I stressful but oh my gosh, its the boss who is killing me.

Micro maniacal breathing on your neck type of boss! She would magnify everything I do, all are not up to her standards! Everybody in the office is being yelled out, her temper is always at the boiling point! nobody can satisfy her and performance is not always sufficient. I cannot work anymore. I am having a nervous breakdown already as she always scold people. Always making people feeling so stupid! I want out. I do not know what am i gonna do as I need to have that amount in order to get out of it.

I want your advice how am I going to get myself out of this situation. I know i will be risking my career. But the stress that I am experiencing, I do not care anymore. I am so depressed already. Can you give me some advice please.

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Dear Jamie,

Oddly, I can give you some advice about this. I would look for a local attorney that specializes in employment law. They may be able to represent you and get you out of this situation in exchange for not filing a suit for a hostile work environment.

It sounds like your boss is a total jerk. In the meantime, the best approach you can take is one of acceptance. If you know you are doing your best, let her yell and scream and let it roll off your back. The best news is that maybe she’ll fire you and maybe that would let you out without the penalty.

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Oh, and one more thing, make an appointment to talk to your doctor about the depression. There is good and effective treatment for the depression and if you can work on getting that under control at the same time I feel very confident that with everything you are putting into motion with this advice you’ll either find a way out or a way to deal with it till you do.

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