Kansas Lawyer Gets 18 Months For Embezzling Almost $319,000 From US Veterans

Janell Jenkins-Foster, an attorney from Wichita Kansas, has been sentenced to 18 months in federal prison for embezzling money from veterans of whose finances she was managing. Jenkins-Foster now owes more than $318,899 in restitution.

Jenkins-Foster pleaded guilty to two accounts of embezzlement from US veterans as she served as curator of their estates three years ago. As curator she was supposed to receive, care and disburse money paid to the veterans but instead took advantage of her clients and stole almost $319,000 from them.

She had admitted to embezzling the following:

  • $92,850 from Dale F.
  • $7,300 from Robert H.
  • $7,317 from Gerald C.
  • $69,248 from Dorothy R.
  • $16,061from Booker T.
  • $18,674 from Phillip W.
  • $2,837 from Gene W.
  • $32,000 from Glenn J.
  • $37,412 from Bert T.
  • $17,500 from Buddy V
  • $17,697 from Raymond W.

The names of the victims in the court documents have above have been shortened for confidential reasons.

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