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Mother Previously Involved In Kidnapping Plot Scams At Least $10,000 From Charities For Her “Sick” Daughter

How low can you go?

Arielle Lucinda Brooks (Arielle Odom, Luci Brooks and Arielle Lucinda Poor) of Pennsylvania started a campaign for her daughter “Save Baby Myah Foundation” shortly after her birth in July of 2010 claiming that she suffers from juvenile leukemia.

Since then Brooks has raised at least $10,000 from donations and charitable organizations to help fund her cause and give her daughter hope for a future.

However, there’s a slight catch.

Is her daughter even sick?

It’s now being claimed that her daughter is perfectly healthy and that Brooks has been scamming the public and charitable organizations.

Brooks claims that when Myah was 7 weeks old she had a nosebleed and the illness was discovered then and there. However an alleged confidential informant has come forward claiming that the child is not sick. This has least the District Attorney’s office to take interest in this case since there’s a chance the fundraisers were a fraud. The DA’s office has even said that Brooks was involved in a kidnapping plot in Virginia several years ago. – Source.

Even the national donor organization, Be the Match, held a bone marrow donor drive for the sick child in December of 2011. The organization has stated that the money raised at one particular event does not go solely to one individual or case.

“Any money raised at these drives support overall program costs and is not designated to help any single individual. We hope the allegations prove to be untrue, but we are confident that the processes we follow are based on the highest ethical standards.” – Source.

While the “Save Baby Myah Foundation” page appears to have disappeared from the interweb I was able to find a Facebook Event from April 28, 2011 for a fundraiser for the child that was hosted by a Tickled BambooPink jewelry consultant, Patti Persia.

A new community has already been created this past week to save the “real” baby Myah because sick or not this child does need assistance.

If you’ve given to this cause you need to contact the North Hampton, Pennsylvania DA’s office as soon as possible.

We will all know more in the next week or so about charges and further proceedings against Brooks.

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