New Sweepstakes Scam Using Bank Of America And BBB Logos

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is warning of another sweepstakes scam now circulating. Apparently phone calls are being made stating you’ve won $3.5 million but in order to receive your money you have to wire them $25,000 to cover the insurance of your winnings.

Luckily some consumers found this call to be somewhat odd and asked for more information. Given they hadn’t actually entered a sweepstakes this all seemed a tad fishy.

They were then sent a faxed letter that appears to be from Bank of America and references the BBB and uses their logo. Also included is a cashier’s check made out to that “lucky winner” which appears to be directly from Bank of America.

The letter states, “This is to certify that Better Business Bureau is being a customer with U.S. Bank. We satisfactorily maintained an account with the current balance of $3,500,000.00 US DOLLARS, with a pending balance of $25,000.00 US Dollar for insurance before the funds is made available to [the victim’s name] attention through Bank of America…This letter has been issued for the purpose to show proof that we withhold the above sum of money mentioned.” – Source.

First of all, this letter reeks with grammatical errors, which is a big red flag that this is a scam. Apparently scammers don’t fare well on the SAT’s. Or know how to proof read.

Remember readers, if you have to pay to get paid for something, save your money. Sometimes things seem too good to be true. Mostly because they are.

If you have been contacted about winning a sweepstakes or lottery that you never entered, we want to hear from you! Comment below!

To see the original news story video about this scam please click here.

If you have been scammed and would like to file a scam report, please click here.

5 thoughts on “New Sweepstakes Scam Using Bank Of America And BBB Logos”

  1. I was notified that I won $3 million and all I had to do was wire $25000 to the Portugal lottery. I saved my money by tearing up the notification.

  2. I was scammed also I have been sending money for 6months trying to get 9,000,000.00. I stopped and now I keep getting text messages from the IRS saying if I don’t pay 350.00 by next Friday I will be served and arrested, how can I keep them from calling me?

    • If they are calling your smartphone, there are apps you can install to block the call, or your phone may have a function to block calls from a specific number. If you have a landline you can either screen all your calls with an answering machine or get a new phone number. Once your number is in the scammer system as a potential target, they won’t let go.


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