I’m a Nurse and Just Barely Making Ends Meet But My Husband Won’t Help Financially. – Kaye

“Dear Steve,

I am married and work as a nurse, making a good salary. I currently have around $32,000 in debt. This includes a debt consolidation account, car, bank loan, student loan medical bills, and back taxes.

I am able to pay my monthly payments but have not been able to cover the taxes and medical bills. My husband was recently layed off and is not working. He received a very large severence package and I planned to pay off the debt but he was not so inclined.

He paid off all of the other accounts that were in both of our names only, which was about $7000. I have been trying to compromise with him but he will not budge, even asked if he would give me an interest free loan..no luck.

I just tell myself to be patient as I am on track to be debtfree but it’s not happening fast enough for me. I get very frustrated because if I do come up short I have to literally beg him to help. So I am not really sure what my question is..just seemed to help reading some of the testimonials and knowing that I am not the only one experiencing these problems. I have even considered divorce in order to get 1/2 of “his money” but know that is not the answer. I guess I could go on forever about how I got to this point.I know I could work overtime to help pay things faster but emotionally I refuse because I believe he should help. Anyway maybe just some words of encouragement…Thanks.


Dear Kaye,

Since you have no more joint credit card debt why not just file bankruptcy for the debt in your name? If he does not want to act as if you are in a marital relationship I guess you need to do what is best for you and protect yourself moving forward.

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If he is not going to help, what is your plan if he up and left tomorrow. You are maxed out and probably can’t make it on your own. How many warning signs do you need to see trouble ahead?

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In no way am I saying he is preparing to leave, but I have seen situations like this before in which the other spouse has made preparations to leave and those situations look similar.

Don’t leap to any conclusions but at the very least, click here to find a local bankruptcy attorney and talk to them for free.

If your husband is not going to help you, you are going to have to help yourself.

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