How Can I Pay for Bankruptcy When I Don’t Have Any Money? – Jennifer

“Dear Lewis,

I have been going through a rough patch ever since my separating from my husband two years ago. I have been trying to go to school, and since I havent made any money I havent been paying my debt. A wreck happened in November of 2010 that involved someone stealing my car and killing the passenger, now I am being sued for negligence. On top of that, I moved out of my apartment in January of 2011 because obviously I lost my job from the wreck and couldn’t afford rent anymore. I feel like this hole of debt is getting deeper and deeper everyday. Im drowing in two civil cases (although the one about the wreck will go in my favor more than likely) im drowning in a bunch of credit card debt and student loans. I feel like the only way to clarity is to file bankruptcy. But how are you supposed to file bankruptcy when you have no money in the first place? Are there any companies that will help?

How are you supposed to file bankruptcy when you have no money in the first place? Are there any companies that will help?


Dear Jennifer,

Usually by no longer paying for credit cards and other debts that you would be discharging, one is able to save up enough to pay an attorney to make sure they are well represented. Or borrow money from a relative or friend. Or possibly you will be entitled to a tax refund after you do your 2011 taxes, and can use that to pay for an attorney.

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There are various legal aid organizations. But they are usually so understaffed, and handling so many other matters, I am not sure whether they all handle bankruptcy.

You would need to search for such an organization in your area.

Just be aware that the bankruptcy will likely not be able to do anything with regards to your student loans.

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Good luck!

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