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Date This Problem Happened: November 12, 2011

State You Live in: Ontario, Canada

Race/Ethnicity: Alaska Native

Age Range: 21-35

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $22

Company Name: kun zhang website

Company Address:

Company Telephone Number:

Website of Company:

Consumer Statement:

I bought 22.00 of runescape gold and they said they have it. So i paid with paypal and then they said the supplier is offine. I waited and waited and then they finally said they could do the trade and they didn’t. I filed a dispute with paypal and then they emailed me telling me where to meet them. I met them there and they showed me to the gold and said close the dispute and i will hand it to you. Stupid me did and then they never talked to me again. And paypal can’t do anything once a case is closed.

Consumer Action Taken:

I told the company just to give me my money back. They wouldn’t so I filed the claim which didn’t work anyways cuz the promise they made didn’t come through anyways.

If you feel you’ve been financially hurt by a debt relief company and deserve a refund, read these step-by-step instructions on how to proceed to attempt to get your money back.

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See also  RS Gold - Consumer Complaint - 11-12-2011

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  • angelababy 03-10 22:03:53

    welcome to our live chat,what can i help you ?
    You 03-10 22:04:07
    need to pick up my gold for
    runescape game
    angelababy 03-10 22:07:51
    May i know your payment email
    You 03-10 22:08:30
    ****, this is the
    last time i am going to ask you for my gold, then i am filing a complaint with
    angelababy 03-10 22:08:41
    Please hold on, I will check
    for you ^^
    You 03-10 22:12:28

    how long
    You 03-10 22:12:43
    im not waiting
    You 03-10 22:14:47
    let me ask you
    You 03-10 22:14:50
    do you have a
    angelababy 03-10 22:15:47
    i am preparing the goldfor you,
    please wait a moment here, once its ready, I will msg you here. Thanks.
    You 03-10 22:26:23
    do you have a
    family? something important to you to lose? its funny how easy it is to be
    tracked today through the internet
    You 03-10 22:27:14
    ill get my
    money back that isnt a big deal, but people like you dont get to fuck with
    people like me. end up sleepin and never found awake
    You 03-10 22:28:43
    when this clock
    says 23.00 i make my moves and seal yours. make your decision now
    You 03-10 22:29:24
    You 03-10 22:34:10
    when i speak to
    you you speak back
    You 03-10 22:35:03
    do i got
    lipstick on? find out who you’re fucking with before you try to fuck them punk
    ass rum
    You 03-10 22:50:26
    you got 11
    minutes before i commit. i can picture this sickly nerd lookin mother fucker. i
    bet you squeel like a pig. i hope you have kids do they sleep well at night, do
    they have night terrors at all? would your closest lady to you have troubles
    without you home? cost from my city to yours round trip, $1,238.39 (not
    including luggage costs and food, room and bed costs either). cost to get a
    guide for area, about 300$. cost for private investigator in your area around
    200$/hr, depending on how many hours he works. a 9 mm glock pistol costs about
    500$, 20 round box of 9mm hollow point bullets go for $25.33 a box. silencer for
    glock, $239.99.
    You 03-10 22:55:26

    5 minutes sweety cant wait to see you
    You 03-10 22:57:41
    3 minutes youre
    about to fuck up
    You 03-10 22:58:00
    hey pussy im
    talking to you
    You 03-10 22:58:03
    You 03-10 22:59:07
    less than 60
    You 03-10 23:02:36

    thank you! i will be getting my refund soon! im glad we
    can be friends im so excited to visit you and your family again buddy have a
    good one see you soon!

  • angelababy 12-06 16:37:11
    welcome to our site,what can i help you today ?^^
    You 12-06 16:37:26
    Hi I bought gold just a minute ago
    angelababy 12-06 16:38:22
    May i know your payment email address?
    You 12-06 16:38:31
    [email protected]
    angelababy 12-06 16:39:02
    Please hold on, I will check for you ^^
    You 12-06 16:39:07
    thank you
    angelababy 12-06 16:39:16
    Could you please email us your character name and level , we may need to make a confirm before the first time trade. Please email it to [email protected]  . Thank you.
    You 12-06 16:40:18
    ok i sent it
    angelababy 12-06 16:41:00
    angelababy 12-06 16:41:02
    can you  provide us the photo of your credit card and id card. For credit card you just need to show your name on can block out your credit card number and other information,just show your name will be ok ,we just want see if the name is same with paypal account name , that is use to confirm this order was made by holder .we just make this confirmtion this time ,later you buy from us will be evry easy
    You 12-06 16:43:34
    So a picture of the credit card?
    angelababy 12-06 16:43:51
    angelababy 12-06 16:43:56
    For credit card you just need to show your name on it.
    You 12-06 16:48:31
    ok i sent it.
    You 12-06 16:52:47
    angelababy 12-06 16:53:01
    Please hold on, I will check for you ^^
    angelababy 12-06 16:53:26
    i am preparing the gold ready for you, please wait a moment here, once its ready, I will msg you here. Thanks.
    You 12-06 16:53:39
    Ok thanks
    You 12-06 17:17:11
    You 12-06 17:20:18
    angelababy 12-06 17:20:34
    angelababy 12-06 17:20:41
    when he is ok i will message u
    You 12-06 17:21:14
    Its been 30minutes?
    You 12-06 17:24:53
    Don’t you all have a 10 minute promise?
    angelababy 12-06 17:26:23
    angelababy 12-06 17:26:37
    at the moment we have meet the problems which we can not control
    You 12-06 17:26:55
    So am i going to get my money back?
    You 12-06 17:29:15
    Are you scamming me?
    angelababy 12-06 17:30:06
    We are a professional online game service provider. We have a good credibility record in paypal and with two years more of game gold sales experience .
    angelababy 12-06 17:30:26
    ok,if you insist on, we can refund u, i am make the mark, when manager online he will find the mark, and he will give u refund.  or supplier online soon we will email u back 
    You 12-06 17:31:28
    Thats not what other websites are saying. 10 other people have been scammed on you telling them exactly what your saying to me.
    angelababy 12-06 17:31:37
    angelababy 12-06 17:31:41
    i do my best
    You 12-06 17:32:30
    If i dont have my gold in the next 5min i want a refund or im going to file a complaint.
    You 12-06 17:33:05
    By the way if your going to scam someone i wouldnt use the same lines on 10 other people
    You 12-06 17:34:05
    Ok im going to file complaint and im not canceling till i get my money thank you.
    angelababy 12-06 17:35:10
    angelababy 12-06 17:35:12
    You 12-06 17:35:24
    Because what your doing is wrong 
    You 12-06 17:36:01
    angelababy 11-15 00:15:48he is getting game nowYou 11-15 00:15:55I don’t believe itangelababy 11-15 00:16:18only 5minsYou 11-15 00:16:53in 6 minutes if themoney is not in my  hand I will report it to american express and also the police in your cityangelababy 11-15 00:17:22we have refunded uYou 11-15 00:17:49??????????You 11-15 00:17:56your business is full of liesYou 11-15 00:18:03and I am going to post it all over the internet
    You 12-06 17:36:21
    angelababy 11-25 05:54:43i knowYou 11-25 05:54:45for scamming.angelababy 11-25 05:54:50?angelababy 11-25 05:54:52whatYou 11-25 05:54:53I thought this was realYou 11-25 05:55:12This is fraud, im contacting paypal right now, you have 1 hour to refund.You 11-25 05:55:27I am sending them this log screenshots and live videoangelababy 11-25 05:55:48do my best
    angelababy 12-06 17:36:29
    angelababy 12-06 17:36:31
    i know
    You 12-06 17:36:31
    so funny how you scam so many people
    angelababy 12-06 17:36:33
    we will give u golds
    angelababy 12-06 17:36:38
    and i call the supplier
    You 12-06 17:38:04
    You got 2min or im going to file a grievance on paypal
    angelababy 12-06 17:38:48
    ok i know
    You 12-06 17:39:28
    angelababy 12-06 17:40:03
    ok plz do not rush me
    You 12-06 17:40:22
    youve had 40min thats more than enough time
    angelababy 12-06 17:40:44
    angelababy 12-06 17:40:46
    we have refund u
    You 12-06 17:41:32
    send me an email to [email protected] with the refund reciept
    angelababy 12-06 17:41:53
    you can checking your email
    You 12-06 17:42:08
    ok and for reference its a horrible thing what your doing
    angelababy 12-06 17:42:34
    You 12-06 17:43:06
    im going to post this so other people wont fall for your scam 

    • here is my final pissed of thing lol:

        angelababy 12-05 15:26:12welcome to our site,what can i help you today ?^^angelababy 12-05 15:26:51hiYou 12-05 15:27:14Hello you have just spoken to my i am :[email protected]   I have waited for 2 days now. without any progress what so ever. If you don’t deliver my money i will file a dispute on paypal, and even further.angelababy 12-05 15:27:57yes i knowYou 12-05 15:28:29yes. and what can you do for  me. you won’t give a refund “my manager isn’t in” you won’t give me my goldYou 12-05 15:28:38″my tasnfer or whatever isn’t in”You 12-05 15:28:43What can you do?angelababy 12-05 15:32:39u can come in 5hoursYou 12-05 15:32:49noYou 12-05 15:32:58You said that multiple times.You 12-05 15:33:13so i can come back and you do nothing.angelababy 12-05 15:33:31we willYou 12-05 15:34:01alright can i have a refund. if not i will be filing a dispute with visa, paypal and probably your local police considering your site shows you IPYou 12-05 15:34:15″our manager isn’t here “angelababy 12-05 15:36:01we can refundYou 12-05 15:36:33Alright then do it nowangelababy 12-05 15:36:47ok we have refunded plz checkYou 12-05 15:39:06THANK YOU FOR ONCE. 

  • Hi guy i hope your glad to know that i will be getting’s Paypal account suspended
    after plenty of arguing and scaring the living day light scared out of them i managed to file a Grievance and get my $88.00 back, and im calling paypal tomorrow to get there account suspended.

    thanks to you guys i was able to avoid being scammed and i will also try to shut there website down.

    My name is zuerio on runescape so if you’d like to chat with me when im on you know who i’m.

    Heres my chat with our beloved Angelababy, enjoy. 🙂

    angelababy 11-30 22:17:15
    welcome to our site,what can i help you today ?^^
    You 11-30 22:18:02
    i reported your website for scamming and we will be filing a grevance on your paypal account 
    angelababy 11-30 22:18:36
    May i know your payment email address?
    You 11-30 22:19:54
    Date You Were Scammed: November 12, 2011State You Live in: Ontario, CanadaRace/Ethnicity: Alaska NativeAge Range: 21-35Total Amount of Fee Paid: $22Company Name: kun zhang website www.gm4s.comCompany Address:Company Telephone Number:Website of Company:
    angelababy 11-30 22:20:13
    angelababy 11-30 22:20:13
    You 11-30 22:20:24
    your website scamms people
    angelababy 11-30 22:20:45
    You 11-30 22:20:45
    i’ve found full file reports on this website
    You 11-30 22:21:06
    i will be reporting you on paypal
    You 11-30 22:21:15
    and im not taking it off
    angelababy 11-30 22:21:15
    yes i know
    angelababy 11-30 22:21:20
    we will give u golds
    You 11-30 22:21:27
    no, no you guys dont
    You 11-30 22:21:40
    i don’t play around with my money
    You 11-30 22:21:54
    i trust you people and im fileing a report to paypal
    You 11-30 22:22:36
    i have hundreds of reports if you people scamming other on the internet 
    You 11-30 22:22:47
    and your one of them
    angelababy 11-30 22:23:22
    ok i know
    You 11-30 22:24:02
    You 11-30 22:24:13
    look it up 
    You 11-30 22:24:39
    im putting a grievance on paypal 
    angelababy 11-30 22:24:55
    angelababy 11-30 22:24:55
    You 11-30 22:25:48
    because you people steal money
    angelababy 11-30 22:29:10
    supplier is online
    angelababy 11-30 22:29:10
    so ?
    You 11-30 22:29:29
    jason 11-30 22:29:31
    plz come to world  34 varrok,west bank second  floor,upstairs please do not talk to anyone in game,and we do not ask your account or password,and do not give anyone
    You 11-30 22:29:44
    You 11-30 22:31:09
    im there
    You 11-30 22:31:18
    oh once sec.
    angelababy 11-30 22:31:18
    char name
    angelababy 11-30 22:31:33
    angelababy 11-30 22:31:35
    clam the ladder
    You 11-30 22:33:04
    im there
    angelababy 11-30 22:33:41
    angelababy 11-30 22:33:48
    wait  ,  , ,  i find you  open a complaint ,plz close it and  we will give you the gold  now .
    You 11-30 22:34:19
    we didnt  do it yet
    You 11-30 22:34:22
    now send it
    You 11-30 22:34:26
    i want the gold now
    You 11-30 22:34:32
    i recodring this chat
    You 11-30 22:34:38
    it’s in viedo
    angelababy 11-30 22:34:44
    game are so many kids to play we have meet the guys who get the glods
    not close the dispute so we will deliever the golds after you close it .

    You 11-30 22:34:49
    if you bails now i will send it to the cyber police
    You 11-30 22:35:16
    gimmie the gold first
    You 11-30 22:35:27
    then i will think about not send the dipute
    You 11-30 22:35:33
    You 11-30 22:35:36
    You 11-30 22:36:01
    i’ve already paid for the dam gold i want it now
    You 11-30 22:36:12
    of im reporting you to cyber police
    angelababy 11-30 22:37:23
    we have told u the place and show the gold to u
    angelababy 11-30 22:37:28
    so we will give u godls
    angelababy 11-30 22:37:32
    as you cloes it giveu at once
    You 11-30 22:37:43
    if you give me the gold now will both walk away >:?
    You 11-30 22:37:50
    and i wont report
    You 11-30 22:38:00
    give me gold first
    You 11-30 22:38:16
    im recroding this 
    angelababy 11-30 22:38:32
    we have meet the kids get the golds and not close the dispute
    angelababy 11-30 22:38:39
    so we will giveu as you close it
    You 11-30 22:38:47
    no i want the gold first
    You 11-30 22:38:57
    i saw you take the gold and run
    You 11-30 22:39:05
    i want it now
    You 11-30 22:39:12
    and i will thinak about closeing 
    angelababy 11-30 22:39:32
    he will giveu golds
    You 11-30 22:39:37
    he left
    angelababy 11-30 22:39:39
    and as you close it giveu golds
    You 11-30 22:39:46
    he left the room
    You 11-30 22:39:50
    i want the gold first
    You 11-30 22:40:00
    or i will file a greivance
    You 11-30 22:40:08
    and you will be shut down
    You 11-30 22:40:11
    and sent to jail.
    angelababy 11-30 22:40:16
    as you close it give u at once
    You 11-30 22:40:25
    no, i want it first
    You 11-30 22:40:28
    and thats it
    You 11-30 22:41:07
    im not make any deals with you because i know you scam peoplke
    You 11-30 22:41:24
    i want the gold of im fileing  the greivance
    angelababy 11-30 22:41:35
    ok i know
    angelababy 11-30 22:41:39
    we will give u refund
    You 11-30 22:41:44
    You 11-30 22:41:51
    your still getting repoerted
    You 11-30 22:42:10
    i want the gold or, ill get my money back and i will repoert you
    You 11-30 22:42:17
    i want it now
    angelababy 11-30 22:42:26
    angelababy 11-30 22:42:28
    we refund u
    You 11-30 22:42:31
    i want the gold now
    You 11-30 22:42:42
    im still going to repoert your website for scamming
    You 11-30 22:42:51
    and you will be shut down
    You 11-30 22:43:26
    even if you refund were reporting you for greiveance
    angelababy 11-30 22:43:39
    refund u
    You 11-30 22:43:46
    i want the gold!
    You 11-30 22:44:00
    if you give me the gold we can both walk away
    You 11-30 22:44:18
    if not then i guess your going to jail for all the fruad you’ve commited
    You 11-30 22:44:43
    because im sending your website to cyber athoritys
    angelababy 11-30 22:45:28
    haverefund u
    You 11-30 22:45:40
    i want the gold 
    You 11-30 22:45:52
    if you give me the gold i wont repoert
    angelababy 11-30 22:46:06
    we have refundu
    You 11-30 22:46:07
    but if you refund me im still reporting you
    You 11-30 22:46:14
    im chgecking now
    You 11-30 22:46:54
    im still sending a repoert
    You 11-30 22:47:00
    i did not get my gold
    You 11-30 22:47:04
    i will not drop
    You 11-30 22:48:02
    this isnt over
    You 11-30 22:48:10
    you better still be there
    You 11-30 22:48:19
    im still repoerting your website
    angelababy 11-30 22:49:01
    do you want to golds ?
    angelababy 11-30 22:49:06
    for free?
    You 11-30 22:49:44
    i want the gold if u give me the gold i will leave you alone and give you back money
    angelababy 11-30 22:50:09
    You 11-30 22:50:22
    no no sorry
    angelababy 11-30 22:50:37
    have a nice day
    angelababy 11-30 22:50:42
    enjoy yourself
    You 11-30 22:50:56
    i repoerted your website
    You 11-30 22:51:50
    this isnt ending like this
    You 11-30 22:52:00
    i making sure you get shut down
    angelababy 11-30 22:52:44
    angelababy 11-30 22:53:18

    You 11-30 22:53:21
    im reporting the website
    You 11-30 22:53:28
    for not giving me the gold
    You 11-30 22:53:56
    you didnt give me the money
    You 11-30 22:54:02
    you guys are getting repoerted
    You 11-30 22:54:11
    i check my paypal it not there
    You 11-30 22:54:19
    and im not leave till i get the money or the gold
    You 11-30 22:55:17
    and i will get the money 
    You 11-30 22:56:45
    You 11-30 22:56:58
    i didnt get my money back
    You 11-30 22:57:28
    and i just filed the grievance 
    angelababy 11-30 22:58:03
    You 11-30 22:59:05
    i reported you for scamming
    angelababy 11-30 22:59:33
    angelababy 11-30 22:59:35
    You 11-30 22:59:37
    You 11-30 23:00:02
    i filed a greivance agasnet you on paypal
    angelababy 11-30 23:00:44
    You 11-30 23:08:34
    your paypal account is getting suspended bye

  • angela 11-29 12:14:34
    welcome to our site ,what can i help you today ?^^
    You 11-29 12:14:57
    i will get an email when he comes online tho? so then i can log in and get it
    angela 11-29 12:15:00
    You 11-29 12:17:50
     7TJ404582J097434H that is my transaction i.d, just wondering when is the best time for me to pick up the rs2 gold i brought
    angela 11-29 12:18:23
    Please hold on, I will check for you ^^
    You 11-29 12:21:33
    this is OrderNo.:20111128338783
    You 11-29 12:30:28
    what time can i get it?
    angela 11-29 12:30:58
    i am preparing the gold ready for you, please wait a moment here, once its ready, I will msg you here. Thanks.
    You 11-29 12:31:55
    ok thankyou
    You 11-29 12:37:54
    just wondering, how long will it take?
    angela 11-29 12:39:05
    hello,the supplier is not online now ,can you check later ,if he online ,we will email you back,sorry for delay
    You 11-29 12:39:48
    and when i get the email i should log on and the supplier will trade me the gold
    You 11-29 12:39:53
    angela 11-29 12:41:58
    you can come back 10hours later
    angela 11-29 12:42:09
    i will email you when he online
    You 11-29 12:42:28
    ok thanks
    You 11-29 14:52:47
    angela 11-29 14:53:21
    Nice to chat with you today, see you!
    You 11-29 14:54:01
    i paid to get rs gold delivered today and your website says delivery in10 minutes i still have not had my gold delivered and i am requesting a refund
    You 11-29 14:56:18
    im filing a dispute with paypal if i dont have the gold i paid for delivered
    You 11-29 15:06:49
    i have filed a dispute and will not close it untill the gold i have paid for is delivered. if not delivered i will make the dispute a paypal claim and take legal action
    You 11-29 15:12:15
    this is my money, i paid you 44dollars i want a refund i am calling the police and reporting your website you will be shut down if i am not refunded
    You 11-29 15:15:49
    reply to me now or i will take further action than this dispute, i see on the internet you have been ripping lots of people off, all of those people and myself will file a class action against your company
    You 11-29 15:15:58
    YOU will go to jail
    You 11-29 15:16:15
    your not scamming fake money your scamming Real peoples Real money which is stealing
    You 11-29 15:16:20
    u will get raped in jail cunt
    You 11-29 15:16:28
    give me my money back

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