Express Debt Settlement – Consumer Complaint – Nov 16, 2011

Date This Problem Happened: August 4, 2009

State You Live in: Nevada

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $5,383.83

Company Name: Express Debt Settlement

Company Address:

PO Box 812468
Boca Raton, FL 33481

Company Telephone Number: 888-771-3328

Website of Company: ExpressDebt.net

Consumer Statement:

The following was stated per the phone conversation:

• Debt would be paid quickly; 2 Creditors paid, 1 Judgment (funds were available in trust account to pay creditor, but EDS let the summons turn into judgment for non payment) currently being paid; two out of the three arrangements were made by myself, since starting program August 04, 2009.
• All court hearing would be settled with/through assigned attorney at Simon & Bocksch Law Office. John Simon, not sure it he is an attorney. Court hearings handled by myself.
• Monthly status of account would be provided – Received nothing as of October 27, 2011.
• Should have little effect on credit. Part of negotiation with Credit will be to note on credit bureau report; Paid as Agreed (only one account is noted as so).

The following was NOT stated in the phone conversation:

• Administrative charge of $5,373.83 or 15% of $35,825.51, which was required BEFORE services were performed. Was not advised of charge, otherwise I would not have agreed to services.
• Monthly processing fee of $49 for NoteWorld Servicing Center; per agreement $12.50.

I cancelled my account with NoteWord and requested my funds be transferred back into my account; EDS took the funds. However, they did turn them since I corresponded via email regarding the wrongfulness of their action, probably thought I would go away, Boy were they wrong.


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Consumer Action Taken:

I wrote Express Debt Settlement to advise Them I was very unhappy with Their services. I signed the agreement with the understanding I would be provided the utmost service, in which they have provided more false then accurate information.

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I have requested a full refund in the amount of $5,373.83; payable by November 15, 2011. EDS received certified letter on Nov 07, 2011. Request all correspondences in writing, have received NO response as of Nov 16th.

So, I have started filing complaints per your site 🙂

Steve Statement

We sent a letter to the company at the address given by the consumer and asked them to publicly respond to this complaint.

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