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I received an email from a tipster (send in your tips here) who said I should ask about more information about a company called Excel Financial Processing.

The tipster (send in your tips here) said the company was related to a Mike Wayman, who I’ve written about before on this site.

The reader forwarded a copy of an Excel Financial Processing document called “Membership Application.”

Wayman was part of another group Financial Hope for America. The document send to me says it was created by Matt at FINANCIAL HOPE FOR AMERICA, INC.

According to the document, the company Excel Financial Processing is located at 41856 Ivy St., Murrieta, CA 92562. 866-607-0318.

A search of California companies registered to do business could not locate a company named Excel Financial Processing.

The company states they offer the following services:

FORECLOSURE MITIGATION SERVICES – EXCEL FINANCIAL PROCESSING provides a direct contact to an in-depth counselor for all consumers regarding their current financial mortgage crisis. They provide information on the inter workings of collection of loan documents, preparation of a financial worksheet, collection of additional personal income/expense documents, preparation of a hardship letter, the communication and paperwork submission to the lender, the negotiation of a loan modification/restructuring of their current rate/term and payment, the understanding of all loan modification options that the lender potentially can offer, and finally the completion of an accepted loan modification offer.

SHORT SALE EDUCATION – EXCEL FINANCIAL PROCESSING provides a direct contact to an experienced real estate agent that will complete scenario of possibilities that are associated with the actions involved in providing a consumer with understanding the short sale ramifications involved with their home. EXCEL FINANCIAL PROCESSING provides a step by step chart to explain the communication and documentation that transpires between the lender, a realtor, the potential buyer, and themselves. EXCEL FINANCIAL PROCESSING has a network of professional HUD certified real-estate companies that can assist the consumer with the actual sale of their home under the short sale classification.

PROPERTY TAX REDUCTION – EXCEL FINANCIAL PROCESSING provides a direct contact to a specialist that will provide an instructional do-it yourself Property Tax Kit that allows the consumer to present an application to their Local County or State Tax collection department to review and consider the reduction of their property taxes on their currently de-valued home. EXCEL FINANCIAL PROCESSING also provides personal consulting and a professional referral network of property tax reduction professionals that can help prepare the specific paperwork necessary to submit to the correct department in your county/state that will adjust your property taxes.

HOMEBUYER EDUCATION PROGRAM – EXCEL FINANCIAL PROCESSING provides in-depth counseling and education for first time buyers and homebuyers that have prequalified to purchase a home through a variety of programs both from lenders and the government EXCEL FINANCIAL PROCESSING clarifies the home buying process along with increasing the knowledge of the homebuyer process in regards to home ownership responsibility. EXCEL FINANCIAL PROCESSING focuses on budgeting for the down payment, selecting a lender, various types of mortgages, closing document education, and finalization of the purchase.

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RENTERS ASSISTANCE – EXCEL FINANCIAL PROCESSING provides a complete package of information regarding fair housing consulting, renters rights, laws, protections in your state, rights of individuals displaced from government housing, renters insurance, security deposit education, tips on renting versus buying, and financial assistance programs under public housing agencies.

MORTGAGE DELINQUENCY and DEFAULT RESOLUTION CONSULTING – EXCEL FINANCIAL PROCESSING provides a variety of information and actions for the consumer to understand a program and plan to reduce mortgage delinquencies as it relates to education on budgeting and planned savings to allow for unforeseen financial events as well as medical issues. EXCEL FINANCIAL PROCESSING under its loan modification program can assist the consumer with a plan of action to stop the default of their mortgage and provide financial relief in their mortgage crisis that concurrently affects their portfolio of debts as well.

FAIR HOUSING ASSISTANCE – EXCEL FINANCIAL PROCESSING, on behalf of the consumer, will help to manage the Fair Housing Assistant Program, work with government agencies helping the consumer, and basically insure that the consumer has fair and equal opportunity regarding housing EXCEL FINANCIAL PROCESSING will directly participate with all government agencies, government programs and will incorporate all advertising, marketing, and educational information in its outreach programs to insure that everyone receives the benefits of the laws under the Fair Housing Assistant Departments.

HOME EQUITY CONVERSION MORTGAGE CONSULTING – EXCEL FINANCIAL PROCESSING will provide both educational and professional referral assistance to all consumers that are interested and qualified for a reverse mortgage plan. EXCEL FINANCIAL provides the opportunity for older home owning families to stay in their homes while utilizing the equity that has built up in the value of their homes. Because the elderly can be vulnerable, it is imperative that they receive personal free reverse mortgage counseling by a HUD approved reverse mortgage counseling agency before applying for a reverse mortgage.

PRE PURCHASE CONSULTING – EXCEL FINANCIAL PROCESSING will provide pre purchase consulting that will help consumers understand the entire process of purchasing a home as well as educating them on the necessary requirements to qualify for a home loan. Through our education program we will be able to answer new home buyer’s questions relating to interest rates, terms, credit score requirements, title insurance, homeowners insurance, and a vast array of information that will help home buyers to understand and prepare for the long term aspects of owning a home.

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POST PURCHASE CONSULTING – EXCEL FINANCIAL PROCESSING will provide the homebuyer with educational information on how to budget his finances, make home improvements with understanding how to increase value in your home, analyzing the homeowner’s plans to maximize his investment portfolio to prepare for the future plans of building equity in his home.

PREDATORY LENDING – WHILSHIRE ALLEN PROCESSING provides educational information to combat predatory lending that has been a major problem over the years. EXCEL FINANCIAL PROCESSING provides up to date information regarding loan fraud, preventing lenders, mortgage brokers, real-estate agents and marketing companies

DEBT ELIMINATION – EXCEL FINANCIAL PROCESSING provides a direct contact to complete consulting on the issues that create debt and how to avoid debt. EXCEL FINANCIAL PROCESSING provides both educational information and direct consulting of the ways to avoid debt and step by step method to reduce and eliminate future debt.

CREDIT CARD REPAIR – EXCEL FINANCIAL PROCESSING provides a direct contact to a step by step credit card consulting with a proven system to reduce your interest rate on your credit cards, to educate you on the rating systems that effect your credit score based on your credit card balances, limits and interest rate, and how to settle or reduce outstanding balances to provide a financial solution.

CREDIT SCORE REPAIR – EXCEL FINANCIAL PROCESSING – provides a direct contact to a step by step solution to consumers to repair and improve their credit score with all credit reporting bureaus over a period of time. We provide the educational insight to self repair as well as provide outside vendors that can work directly with the consumer and provide assistance in following up with the credit bureaus over a period of time.

Supporting Documentation

Here is a copy of the supporting documentation that was provided to me.

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  1. All the above information is so true and it appears that its a family con job. It always the same thing (safehouse, CFPG, FH4A ,USFA, Excell, Brookshire, CALG, Bruce Stuart, K2, The financial Network, 3 M marketing, certified Processing) I read all your posts and ill Mike wayman does is change names and steal peoples money. I wish I would have seen your posts before I lost my money on false promises to sue my lender. All I’m told anymore is that I should call the attorney not Mike Wayman and his employees who sold me the lies. I checked myself and the money I paid went into Mike waymans personal account and that the company name is just a DBA according to my having. I can tell you that all the waymans lie and steal people’s money. Mike wayman, asheigh wayman, Aaron wayman they all work together to steal our hard earned money. You can’t trust these people. All I get is a runaround from the waymans and their employees.


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