Legal Helpers Debt Resolution and Rise Above Debt Relief Named in Suit

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A lawsuit filed against Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, Thomas Macey, Jeffrey Aleman, Jeffrey Hyslip, Jason Searns, Rise Above Debt Relief, Jeffrey Dumas, and Jeff Boulton in Ohio was recently moved to Federal Court.

The case is Carl Burks & Danielle Burks against the above named defendants.

The complaint alleges the Defendants violated the Debt Adjustment Companies Act, the Credit Services Organization Act, the Credit Repair Organizations Act, and the Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act.

The suit says, “LHDR is in the business of lending its name to debt settlement and credit repair businesses, including Defendant Rise Above, to create a fiction that the services are being performed by attorneys, thereby evading consumer protections applicable to such services, including fee limitations.”

“Defendant LHDR knew or should have known that a scheme whereby it allowed non-law forms and non-attorneys to use its name to market would confuse and deceive consumers into believing they were dealing with attorneys or at least a law firm.”

“Defendant LHDR instructed Rise Above to answer its telephone as if it were LHDR, thereby deceiving potential clients and Plaintiffs in the instant action.”

And again we have another case where refunds were not made to consumers. “Defendants failed to make full refunds of monies paid for undelivered service, despite requests from Burks to make full restitution of all damages.” –

The case was filed by Jeremiah Heck and Scott Florin of


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