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My Ford Explorer Just Got Repossessed. – Donna

“Dear Steve,

i have $8000.00 let on my 2006 Ford Explorer. Was behind two months and they took it 330 this morning.

I live in southwestern Connecticut and they took my car to RHODE ISLAND!!!!! 2 and half hours away!!!! Can they do that and what do you think the towing cost is?? Today in Sat so I can:t get in touch with them until Monday. Is it worth for me to get my car back or should I let them have it??? am scared!!!


Dear Donna,

As far as the specifics on the repossession laws in Connecticut you may find great value in Repossessions in Connecticut which was prepared by the Connecticut Judicial Branch Law Libraries.

In addition I found this information: “If the contract holder does not give the notice of intent to repossess, he must keep the goods in the state where they were repossessed for 15 days. During that period, the buyer may redeem the goods, take possession of them, and continue to perform his obligations under the contract if he (1) pays the unaccelerated amount due under the contract at the time of repossession plus interest or performs a contractual obligation stated in the contract as grounds for repossession and (2) pays the actual and reasonable costs of repossession and storage.

The contract holder must, within three days of repossession, provide the buyer with a written statement of the amount due under the contract and the amount due for repossession and storage costs. If the contract holder fails to provide this notice, he forfeits his right to payment for repossession and storage costs and is liable for actual damages caused by that failure.” – Source

I would suggest you contact the lender as soon as possible to inquire about bringing your loan current to get your vehicle back. I’d also suggest you contact a consumer attorney, that is licensed in your state, to represent you and protect your rights. You can find one through

If you do nothing and the vehicle is sold at auction you will have a huge deficiency you will have to pay and not have the vehicle.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

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  • donna

    Dear Steve,

    Thank you so much for getting back to me.  I had been talking with Ford Motor Credit all week telling them that I was going to make the payment.  It’s my fault I did”nt, but I NEVER received and written notice of intent to repossess.  I spoke with Ford Credit to pay the bill and was told that their system needs 1-2 business days to update a repossession.!! I can’t believe it!  My husband and I both took the day off from work and now we have to wait until tomorrow it see want we owe, go pay that by Western Union and then we are at the mercy of the Recovery Towing in Rhode Island regarding their hours of operations. How can Ford not have all that info in the system when it was them that REPOSSESSED by car!!!  Thanks again for writing me back.  Your info was very helpful and interesting.


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