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Personal Loan taken in Dubai, Back to India after Job Loss. – Dev

Hello Steve, I know you have been flooded with similar questions. But still I need your advice.

I had Personal Loan in Dubai amounting AED 60000 and I lost my job. I returned to India then after a year I was chased by Recovery Agents. Since its a large amount there is no way i can pay it off. I tried to settle it for half the amount i.e. AED 30,000 but they refused. I get pesky calls every now and then.

I heard that Dubai Banks are now allow Delayed repayment plan i.e. If i settle it for 30,000, I can pay it for next 36-48 monthly basis. This will eliminate my debt slowly as well as my record in Dubai will also be improved. Is it right? I mean have you ever come across this kind of settlement?

Do Dubai banks have any kind of Legal rights in India or any other country of debtor? Can this case be fight in Indian Local Court?

I am open for both options i.e. Delayed Repayment Plan or Indian Court Fight.

Can i please request your views on this?

Many thanks


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  • Steve Rhode


    I am not aware of any cases that have been brought to a fight in a court in India. But I do hear plenty of stories about people who are chased by collectors in India under similar circumstances as you describe.

    The police run debt settlement program in Dubai is new and limited. All I know about it currently is what I wrote in Debt Problems in Dubai UAE Get Better and Worse for Consumers.

    It seems to be early days for the scheme and it only seems to exist through a limited number of police stations in Dubai, and not the whole UAE.

    From reports the results have been good and it is a positive step forward to see these early attempts to help resolve these problems.

    If you know someone back in Dubai still you might want to ask them to inquire with the local police about the program on behalf of “a friend.” More details are needed.

    Personally I would be very interested in if this program is available to people outside the country, as in your situation.

    Please let me know what you might find out.


    • GUEST

      Hi Mr.Steve
      I had same issue of a debit of 89K AED and it was on 2007 and I left UAE after I loose my job, last week I got an Advocate notice from India( Mumbai) to settle the amount in 15 days and still I don’t have a permanent job to settle this big amount.
      In the notice it was stating they will start do revenue recovery and will place a case on civil as well as criminal in India and will freeze my passport through immigration. Please advise the way forward.

      • Sachinmon


        In the notice it was stating they will start do revenue recovery and will place a case on civil as well as criminal in India and will freeze my passport through immigration. who told you this man ? they cant do any thing.If recovery people is disturbing you tell them you will complaint to police. police can take action against them and they cant take against you.

      • Rajab Ali

        loan default and credit card default in UAE normally leads to secuirty/guarantee cheque bounce case too. So if there is Police case in UAE since cheque bounce is a criminal offence, what about the chances of the involment of INTERPOL and CBI?
        Whether CBI / INTERPOL will come and arrest the fugitive in India and extradite him to UAE for cheque bounce criminal case.
        moreover, there is no way that the defaulter can pay off his debts in UAE (in most cases) since he cannot get back to GCC for a job and whatever job he get in India will not offer him the salary that would be sufficient enough to pay off his debts in UAE.
        My question is – whether INTERPOL / CBI will arrest the Indian defaulter in India and extradite him to UAE, assuming that he has NO MONEY or ASSET in India?

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