I have a Uk company chasing me for Dubai debt. – Sian

Hi steve,

I have debt in dubai of 10,000 AED and has now accumulated to 36,000 AED (because of interest) I have just recieved a letter from a UK company acting on behalf of UAE to recover debt. Is their anything the UK can do to me? Or any legal advise I should get? They are threatening me with Interpol and I’m off to New York in 2 weeks for a holiday, will the affect me at immigration?

Please help


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  1. INTERPOL has much, much more important things to do, than to be concerned about small debts in Dubai!

    For all of you who have been threatened by Interpol, etc., please relax, there is not much that Dubai banks / credit card companies, etc., can do, until you try to enter those countries again.

    If you are being threatened in your home country for debts abroad, again, there is not very much that they can do except to threaten you, because it would cost them a lot more in legal costs to try and recover monies owed in another country, and it would take years, and it’s not even sure that they would win the case in the end!

    Relax, try, of-course, to contact the bank through e-mail or a third party, and they will probably jump at settling the outstanding amount for only a fraction of the due amount, maybe only 20-30% to clear off the entire debt!

    But make sure that you get everything in writing before paying, including that you will be taken off any black lists and criminal and legal cases dropped, etc. etc.

    Good Luck!


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