I studied in the UK for years but had to return to Ghana with debt. – Freda

Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for your good works. I lived in the UK for 5 years as an immigrant from Ghana. I studied and worked in the UK and had to return to Ghana 2 years ago to renew my visa as the UK Home Office refused to approve my visa.

Just when I was preparing to return to Ghana HSBC offered me a loan of GBP10,000 which i accepted. I also owed MBNA,Barclaycard and Debenhams credit cards also about GBP10,000.

In Ghana as well, the British Embassy lost my passport and after about one month found it and refused my visa application beacuse my bank statement was one month late(which was their fault). It was practically impossible to reapply so I had to stay in Ghana.

It took me almost 2 years to get a job. I now have a job and would like to pay my debts gradually. I once called MBNA and HSBC but was told my account is no longer existing.

1. How do i go about with the payments?
2. How would this affect my next UK visa application?

Thank you very much.



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  1.  Try to pull up your beareau or call Equifax at  http://www.equifax.co.uk. you might see where your account is, could be in collection agencies. Do you have a relatives in UK you can give them power of attorney to look into the matter, they could go to the bank personally and get the info….this could be your best. Try to apply again, tell them your reason why you want to come back to UK, can you afford to pay your way and be honest with the immigration officers and if you can satisfy the requirements, I dont see any problem in going back to UK.
    I know you want to return to the UK, under the planned changes, only students who have a job offer paying at
    least £20,000 a year or have £50,000 to invest in a new business will be
    permitted to stay in the country once their studies finish.


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