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I am on disability, owe a lot of money on parent plus loans, what can I do? – Bonny

By on December 29, 2011
I am on disability, owe a lot of money on parent plus loans, what can I do? – Bonny

I was working full-time when I took out the first parent plus loan in 2000. The consolidated loans payment is $225.00 per month at 4%. I have continued paying on this loan, no deferment yet.

I was unemployed, collecting unemployment benefits when I took out the second set of parent plus loans, and now those payments are over $300.00 a month at 8.5%. I have been in deferment since September 2010 when my long-term unemployment benefits ran out. The interest is added up at the end of each time of deferment.

I am married, however, it was my income that was used for the parent plus loans.

My disability assessment from social security administration law judge hearing is not considered enough evidence to a physician to sign the discharge form for both sets of parent plus loans. I have requested help from Congress, Department of Education, Sallie Mae, to have the interest rate reduced, interest dropped, and everyone says no.

I’m not able to work more than part-time due to the effects of the disability. I’m up front about my disability in interviews, when I am fortunate enough to be selected.

My disability check is $600.00, $116.00 is automatically taken out each month for medicare insurance. I am married, so I do not qualify for any further assistance as far as I know.

What suggestions, if any, are available to me? I signed the loans alone. I have been told when I die, they will continue to try to obtain funds, and that is the other scary part for me.

Thank you for helping me.


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