Macey Bankruptcy Law, Legal Helpers and Legal Helpers Debt Resolution Leads to Uncertainty

Not that long ago a consumer submitted a consumer complaint about Legal Helpers that lead to Macey Bankruptcy Law. You can read the complaint here.

What struck me at the time was the aggressive comment that followed. The commuter said:

This person’s complaint seems to be about Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, LLC.
That is NOT Macey Bankruptcy Law, PC. Macey Bankruptcy Law, PC is a bankruptcy law firm. This person seems to have been involved in debt settlement with a separate company, Legal Helpers Debt Resolution LLC.

Quite an aggressive position considering that the LegalHelpers.com URL forwarded to the Macey Bankruptcy Law website.

Interestingly, just yesterday a reader sent in the following image to show me that is an advertisement from Macey Bankruptcy Law and proclaims

Legal Helpers is Renamed
Now Macey Bankruptcy Law. Same
Great Service! Over 75K Cases Filed.

A tipster (send in your tips here) also just sent in a link to a ruling in a bankruptcy case that was originally filed by Legal Helpers and there now exists confusion of how it has morphed into Macey Bankruptcy Law.

The bankruptcy case includes an opinion issued by United States Bankruptcy Judge Schmetterer that states:

…whether any payment of fees to Debtor’s counsel Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, LLC (formerly known as Legal Helpers P.C.) d/b/a “Macey Bankruptcy Law” (“Legal Helpers or Macey”) and its attorneys was improper or should be refunded and disgorged as excessive under the authority of 11 U.S.C. 329 (h). – Source

I’m not going to go into all the issues of the bankruptcy concerns with that particular case. Please feel free to read the entire opinion if you are interested.

But in a subsequent filing, the attorney for the Debtor stated “The Debtor intends to pursue her malpractice claim against Legal Helpers which was identified in the Order [Macey Bankruptcy Law] seeks to have reconsidered. As such it is of the utmost importance to the Debtor that she have a clear understanding of the legal relationship between Legal Helpers Debt Resolution LLC and Macey Bankruptcy Law P.C. as well as the current status of the individual attorneys who misserved her.

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The Debtor always understood herself to be represented by Legal Helpers PC as stated in the papers fil[ed] by her Chapter 13 attorneys. The name Macey Bankruptcy Law did not arise until the Response to her Motion to Disgorge Fees, and nowhere in that Response did MBL draw the distinction it now seeks to have made.

Unless Macey Bankruptcy Law can satisfactorily explain how Legal Helpers Debt Resolution LLC differs from Legal Helpers PC and what roll Legal Helpers Debt Resolution LLC had in the solicitation and process of the Debtor’s Chapter 13 case, then the Debtor must object to modifying the Court’s existing order finding liability against Legal Helpers Debt Resolution LLC and Macey Bankruptcy Law.”

If anyone has any insight on exactly what is going on with Legal Helpers or Legal Helpers Debt Resolution and if they are closing or folding into Macey Bankruptcy Law, please post a comment below or send me a tip.


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3 thoughts on “Macey Bankruptcy Law, Legal Helpers and Legal Helpers Debt Resolution Leads to Uncertainty”

  1. Your commenter is correct.  Legal Helpers Debt Resolution is a Nevada LLC dba Macey Aleman Hyslip and Searns.  Macey Bankruptcy is an Illinois PC dba Legal Helpers.  There is also The Mortgage Law Group a California LLP dba Macey Aleman and Searns.  They all share the same Sears Tower address, and several of the same managing partners.

  2. I have also been cheated by Macey Bankruptcy Law and I shall be filing a suit in small claims court.To all of you people out there with no power or money -BEWARE


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