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My friend left the country and left a repossesed car behind. What risks would I take if I drive it?

My friend had to leave the country and left his car behind…I keep it in my garage (different address from him) and drive it back and forth to work, from garage to garage.

It is already being looked to be repossesed by the car dealership (for lack of payments for a few months).

Does police get involved in this issue at all? If I get pulled over for running a red light or whatever would the police be able to know what’s going on with the car, and take it from me? or inform the car dealer? Will I get in trouble, have to go to court, go to jail?

Is it worth it spending money on liability insurance? Under MY name? Will they be able to track the car with the VIN number and link it to MY house address when getting insurance?

In general, what risks am I taking (or whoever drives the car, besides the “owner”) while driving it?

I’m in Houston, TX.


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  • Andy Faria

    …you could always sell it for parts, and buy yourself a car with the cash.

    No I’m just kidding, don’t do that, I’m sure it’s highly illegal… and I’m also sure that you can’t keep this car. You gotta turn it in. 

    If you really love the car try calling the finance company, let them know you have the car and plan to turn it in, but would buy it off them if you could get a discount.

  • Steve Rhode

    Not a wise idea on so many levels. My vote, DON’T DO IT!

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