I’ve got a bad feeling about Clear One Advantage & Option One

My husband has approximately 10k in mostly credit card but some medical debt. I have almost no debt. We cannot afford to make the payments on his credit cards. We were thinking about using ClearOne advantage to “settle” this debt and pay it off in 2 years.

I am very concerned that we will be making the wrong decision here. I have been doing as much research as possible to figure out if this company is legit and if they actually have success. I have not been able to find much. I also thought that it was very suspicious that there is another debt settlement company out there name Option One. the names and operation are very similar. You set up a savings account with a third party, and the settlement company is supposed to negotiate a reduced settlement for you and pay the debt.

I have a bad feeling about this Clear One option. But I don’t think we have any other options. I simply do not know what to do. Our credit is not good enough to get a settlement loan, but I cant afford the payments. Is this our only option????


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