Best Debt Solutions USA Has Me Stumped. Why Can’t I Verify What They Say?

I recently got an email pitch from Best Debt Solutions USA that wanted to recruit me as an affiliate.

I get these sorts of things from time to time and never do anything with them. But this pitch and their site have left me scratching my head.

According to Best Debt Solutions USA they are “a relatively new company, but our founders have been working for various debt relief companies and agencies for the last 20 years, throughout the USA.”

According to domain records the name was registered on December 9, 2011 for just one year. The name is owned by ipage.com.

Their site states they are at:

Best Debt Solutions USA LLC
616 Corporate Way,
Suite 2 #4000,
Valley Cottage, New York 10989

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A search of New York State registered companies could not locate Best Debt Solutions USA.

They claim to be affiliated members of the following groups but a search of the BBB, AFCC, and ACC Pros says they are not. – Source, Source, Source

Their mailing address is actually a virtual mailbox at USAMail1.com. – Source

The Affiliate Pitch Continues

The bolding was added by me to draw your attention to certain sections.

We have recently commenced our Affiliate Promotions Program, and this opportunity is being offered by invitation only, to ensure the highest quality of affiliates promoting our services. Your site is one of only a handful of sites we have selected, based on the quality of your site, and the current content. I would like to extend an invitation to you, as I have personally reviewed your site, and the reviews you have presently on your site, are of a high quality, and very informative to potential customers. Therefore, we would like to invite you to the opportunity to promote our services there.

We are offering to write the reviews of our service for you, in an honest and informative way, which of course, can be reviewed and adjusted by yourselves before placing them on your site. You will find that our reviews are not sales orientated, but rather, they are about fully informing the potential clients of all the services and options, to create the best quality leads coming from your site.

Now, for the important part for you and your company. Money. We are currently able to offer excellent remuneration for your promotions of our service. We are offering an incremental scale of affiliate payments, starting at $250 per sale, up to a maximum of $500 per sale (per client who signs up with one of our programs), depending upon the volume of sales your site generates in a month. In previous companies we have worked for, we have seen this to be the most beneficial form of promotions for you, as the advertiser, creating the potential for $10,000 – $30,000+ income for your company per month, from just our reviews alone. Our counselors have current client sales conversion rates between 15 – 25%, meaning, one in every 4 to 7 clients who submit their information to us, for a Free No-Obligation Debt Consultation, sign up to one of the many programs we offer. In comparison to the average “Pay Per Lead” payout offered by many other companies, of around $12 – $20, you will see that they payouts offered by promoting our service, are potentially much higher, to your company.

As our reviews are very informative, this ensures the potential clients who use your review to obtain more information about our services, will be more likely to follow through with our counselors, and sign up to one of the programs we offer. We don’t misrepresent our services, or give false information, just to lure in more potential clients. We prefer to attract clients who are willing to do something positive towards resolving their debt issues now, rather than “window shoppers”. We represent our services honestly, so clients are fully informed, and know both the positives and negatives of our industry before submitting their information to us. We can also make claim to our fee structure as being extremely competitive, as the fees we charge for our programs are much lower than many of our competitors, based upon the needs we have identified within the debt industry at present.

At this time, we are looking for a rating within the top 3 companies reviewed on your site. As you will see, by taking a look at our site content, that we have honesty and integrity as the forefront of our services, and with the comprehensive range of programs and alternatives offered across the entire nation, we feel that a good rating is well deserved.

For a company that wants me to believe they are full of truth and integrity there are certainly a number of unresolved issues.

  • Why can’t their company registration be found in New York?
  • Why does the BBB have no record of them and certainly no listing of them as an accredited company?
  • Why does the AFCC not list them as members?
  • Why does ACC Pros not list them as members?
  • Why don’t they even own their own domain name?
  • What’s up with the company supplied reviews if you place them in the top three?

After all of this I’m not sure what you can trust from Best Debt Solutions USA.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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