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Purchase Power Solutions – Consumer Complaint – 1-19-2012

Written by Consumer

Date This Problem Happened: January 18, 2012

State You Live in: Florida

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 65+

Total Amount of Fee Paid:

Company Name: Purchase Power Solutions

Company Address:

Company Telephone Number: 888-512-8861

Website of Company:

Consumer Statement:

Person called my wife for days and when she finally answered they told her that her credit card interest would be reduced by 5% if she would give them the credit cards that had high interest rates.

She gave them 4 credit cards then told them to call back that she was in the middle of dinner.

When she called the number that they called her on she found that number to be a disconnected number. 1-209-744-1746.

On the website she found that there were a number of other people that were scammed and the same questions put to my wife were asked to them. One of their web sites looks legitimite at If you type in purchasepoweersolutioninc there are a couple of web sites and one of them is a complaint web that warns people of the scam and and all the people that were scammed and they wrote how they were scamed.

The companies number on the web was 1-888-512-8881 and when you call it they don’t give a name they say: you have reached customer service that they are available between 8-5pm Arizona time. No one answers and if they do who knows were they are.

Consumer Action Taken:

Called all the credit card companies and had the accounts closed and new cards mailed out. Will follow up with the Attorney Generals office in my state.

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  • I Just happen to be sitting at the computer when I was contacted by a “James Hahn” ( I too Doubt that was his real name.) he gave me his pitch and while he rattled off his number in case we got disconnected I looked up his number and got “Sorry We could not find a Match” This was a Flag for me, then he said he could reduce my debt by more then Half by lowering my interest rate with a New fixed rate that would last a Lifetime…. (Riiiiiiiiiiight) , yet I would continue to pay the same credit card companies until I received the special Packet by Fed Ex. I refused to give him my credit card number when he said he wanted to bill me ONLY  $998.00!!!  I told him I called my husband on my cell and he was at work ( I didnt really call him) and he would call him back at the number he gave me. The guy stumbled over his words and said oh well a Ma’am our office closes at 5pm he will have to call before then. I said sure not a problem…. good bye… I Blocked his number and i am laughing because I DIDNT get SCAMMED!!! It just sounded TOO good to be True!!  

  • My Sister is awaiting paperwork(Friday 8-31) to sign-up to relieve her debt. She also paid a fee for them to investigate what can be done to consolidate her debt. Was given an amount of $700.00 a month that would accomplish this. Should she follow through?

  • .Kyle Davis just called me too. I took the notes but pulled him up on the computer while he was speaking with me. I told him I would research his company on line and he could call me in a few days, after I did some research. I doubt he will call me back. And yes he did end the call rather rudely, as I am sure he knew I would end up here. Too good to be true, indeed.

  • This company or back door store Purchase Power Solutions took advantage of my sick husband hounding him for the credit card information. The person that called was Kyle Davis and I agree with don it’s not his real name. We called him back and my husband disputed the case with him and Ktyle kept rambling on like an idiot. My attorney will be contacted in the morning if they don’t give us our money back. $998.00 Sometimes we do the dumbest things hopefully we seniors will learn by them?

  • I received a call from this company and took lots of notes. They offered a great program that would lower the rates on my credit cards, with no negative impact on my credit report and no out of pocket money. They claimed to have a copy of my credit report and knew that I had good credit. So when he asked for my credit card number, I grew suspicious. When I told him that I didn’t feel comfortable giving him that information, he got angry and his voice became louder. That was a big red flag, so I hung up and looked them up online. It’s a scam.

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