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Wites & Kapetan have contacted me to help me reduce debt. Who are they and are they legit?

Wites & Kapetan called and told me they could combine my debt (credit cards, hospital bills,and a revolving loan with a $14,0000 balance) and make my payments significantly smaller. Are they ligit?

My husband has been battling cancer for over 3 years and I don’t want to trust a company unless I know exactly who they are! We are in our 40’s and 50’s and have seen and heard alot but is it too good to be true?


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  • Damon Day

    Hello Kim,

    Can you give me some further details on your financial situation and the specific plan that they are offering? I never like to hear the term smaller monthly payments if they are talking about a debt settlement strategy. That tells me that they might be selling you on the sizzle instead of the steak.

    If you can give me some further details about how much you owe what assets you have available and what your current and expected future financial situation is, I can offer some advice as to whether or not the plan they are presenting might make financial sense for you.

  • Gary L.

    All I can say about Wites & Kapetan is that 6 months ago I received a summons from Chase Bank. After being called by non lawyer debt settlement companies I then received a direct mail letter from WK. They were the only firm I know offering me full representation and help me out. I thought I would receive a judgement and face garnishment if I couldnt did help.

    After 6 months my Chase lawsuit has been settled and a stipulated agreement signed by myself and them was entered into the courts. I couldn’t be happier.

    One side note, I got very friendly with my paralegal who was a nice person. It was comforting to know they also do Bankruptcy if I needed and even personal injury and other stuff, one of the coolest things I learned is that they are representing that company Texas Equisearch against Casey Anthony for free. It felt good knowing I had a full legitimate lawfirm at side…
    Other than that I can’t say no more… Good experience overall..

  • Msullivan


    i don’t know them but a quick check of the Better Business Bureau indicated that they are a Florida law firm with a good rating but three complaints relative to sales and advertising.

    Unless they have decided to offer low interest consolidation loans, they are offering to enter into a debt settlement arrangement for you. If successful, it would reduce the amount of debt you owe in exchange for a serious hit to your credit and (I suspect) a sizable fee.

    Before you spend a lot of time evaluating debt settlement companies you need to be sure that debt settlement is the solution you want to pursue. Every solution has costs. If your debt is unmanageable, there is a good chance that bankruptcy may be your best solution.Of course you cannot expect to file for bankruptcy twice in a short period so you may need to go slowly if you are still accumulating medical debt. If your debt is manageable you may just want to continue making payments, perhaps by contacting your creditors to see if you could get temporary hardship terms to help you get past this time of illness.

    This is a very important, once in a lifetime decision for you. Talk with a trusted adviser who can put you in touch with someone who really understands debt issues. Get a full picture of your debt situation and your capacity to pay. Then you can decide on the best course of action and only then should you start to seek service providers. Remember, bankruptcy providers always like the bankruptcy solution and debt settlement providers always like the debt settlement solution. You need to decide the best solution for you.

    Good luck!

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