Financial Counselor, Credit Counselor and Foreclosure Counselor Stress

The real world can never understand how much pressure a credit counselor, debt counselor or housing counselor deals with on a daily basis.

Allowing your work to invade your walls is easy to do. Those of us who care can find ourselves worrying about the people that turn to us for help and not letting them down. But we often have the responsibility of giving people very bad news about their financial situation and somehow telling some one that you are very sorry for their loss, just isn’t enough.

Stress gets heaped on the counselor by the creditors, who make demands, the client who wants you to make everything better, and the company that you work for, who has expectations about your performance.

Here is a very interesting video of a class given to housing and foreclosure counselors to help them deal with the stress.

For me personally, I give all the free hugs I can. It helps the person in pain and it helps me at the same time.

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