GetOutOfDebt.org Named Top Site for Dealing With Debt on MSN Money

I love surprises. Good surprises that is. And I just got one.

A reader let me know the GetOutOfDebt.org website was just listed as the top site by Liz Weston for dealing with debt issues.

Her article about The 102 Best Money Websites was directed at those that “Need information or help with a money matter? Chances are good you’ll find what you need at one of these sites, which rank among the best on the Web.”

The article begins with Weston’s assessment of the included sites.

This is an incredibly personal list.

There are many other worthy sites out there, sites that, like these, are all about money: making it, spending it, saving it, investing it, protecting it.

But this is my list. These are the sites I like, the ones I consistently turn to for good information, solid advice, unique perspectives, really cool tools and, in at least a few cases, good laughs. They’re sites that consistently offer something their competitors don’t, which makes them worth investing my scarcest resources: time and attention.

If sites you love aren’t on this list, sorry. But check these out anyway. I think you’ll find some new favorites, too.

As proud and excited as I am to have made the list I’m also excited to see a number of friends listed as well. Kudos also go out to Consumerism Commentary, The Dollar Stretcher, PT Money, Debt Collection Answers, and Debt-Proof Living.

MSN Money Says:

Get Out of Debt Guy: Steve Rhode founded a credit-counseling agency and knows the debt management industry intimately. He answers readers’ questions, blogs about industry trends and offers scathing criticisms of companies that scam or deceive consumers. His Amazing Get Out of Debt Calculator is a good place to start. It analyzes the type and amount of debt you have and runs through all your options, including those (like bankruptcy or debt settlement) that other sources may shun. – Source


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12 thoughts on “GetOutOfDebt.org Named Top Site for Dealing With Debt on MSN Money”

  1. A well deserved plug, Steve. Your site provides a ton of free content to debt-stressed consumers, and it’s usually my first source for news on what’s happening in the debt relief industry. Don’t know how you find the time to post as much as you do!

  2. Congrats, Steve.  I come here often to get some info on what’s going on in the debt relief industry, the perspectives of other people (like myself) digging their way out of debt, as well as the responses they get.

  3. Congrats Steve. With all the hard work you put into this site, you deserve the recognition.

    Also good to see a plug for the Amazing Debt Calculator. Congrats to Scott and USDR on that as well.  


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