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How Much Time Do I Have to Get My Motorcycle Back After Being Repossessed? – Ashton

Written by Steve Rhode

HSBC just repossessed my motorcycle and they want the lump some that pays it off in order to get it back.

During the past few months I called and changed my address with them which turns out they never did and made arrangements with them to make the account current and avoid repossession and again they have no record of it and it was just a phone call so I have no recorder either.

All of this was before the repo. I never recieved any letters or anything due to this. So now that its repo’d they are unwilling to work with me.

I have accepted all of this and want to get the bike back but I do not know how much time I have to pay them before they auction it because I need at least three to four weeks to get the money. How much time do I have and how can they do it seeing that I didn’t receive any notices or anything?


Dear Ashton,

What state do you live in?

You may want to read this article for information about what happens following repossession.

It’s not clear what led to the repossession. Are you saying that the fact you changed your address led to you being late?

Have you contacted HSBC to ask them if they will stall the repossession for four weeks? If they will, be aware they may still charge you a repossession fee plus storage charges. They are also under no obligation to return the motorcycle for less than the full balance due.

Do you have someone that can help you out with the balance due?

The worst case scenario would be the motorcycle is sold at auction and HSBC comes after you for the difference between the balance owed and the small amount it will sell for.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

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  • i live in va and from working at a used car lot i think its 30 day but im not sure anymore how long they have to hold it before auction.  the payments did get behind so i called and made an arrangement with them to get the account current andavoid repo but apparently the person there never recorded anything at all. i may be able to come up with the settlement of 80 percent that they offered but it would take sometime to get the funds moved and forms filled out.  i called them and tried to negotiate but the people their are very rude and not helpful. they are like that everytime no matter how nice you are and always hang up on me. well the person i tried negotiating with told me the address was never changed and the arrangement was never recorded and the only way to get the bike back was to pay it off in full or an 80percent settlement. in order to do that i need to know how much time i have to do this?

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