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Can I Get My Dubai Debts Forgiven Now That I’m in India and Divorced? – Sheeba

Dear Sir,

This is Sheeba. I lived in Dubai from April 2007 till November 2008. I have pending loans and credits in Dubai.

Briefly, these loans and credits were forced by my husband for his personal use. He promised to clear it saying he wanted to start a business in Dubai. He could not apply himself as he wasn’t eligible for it. Since I worked for a reputed company in DIC, he and his family (mother and brother) compelled me to sign papers to apply for loans and credit cards. I had my delivery (baby boy) in August 2008 at the American Hospital, Dubai and my entire pregnancy and delivery costs were paid by my company’s insurance. My husband sent me back to India with the child in November 2008 and I could not return back to Dubai to join my job as my husband did not clear my debts (as he promised) making me a loan defaulter. Because of this, I resigned.

Today, I divorced him because he had cheated me. The grounds on which my divorce has taken place is because of his financial fraudulence. I however have cleared 3/4th of the total debts on my own and a 1/4th is still pending.

I have endured much hardships and problems because of my husband’s fraudulent actions. My child is 3.5 years old and is in my custody. I have been working and supporting my child’s and my day-to-day expenses.

It is therefore possible to write any concerned in Dubai who can waive off my other debts as I am totally not in a position to repay. I can evidence them with my cleared debt and divorce decree.

Pllsszzzz advise.


Dear Sheeba,

I’m so sorry to hear how you were taken advantage of. At least you and your child is with you and taken care of under your love.

The divorcee decree is not a termination of your duty to repay the debt. That an agreement between you and your ex-husband that you wanted to dissolve the marriage. It’s not going to free you from your responsibilities for the Dubai debt.

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But the more important question is if you plan to go back to Dubai? Do you?

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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