Do you know anything about Consumer Defense Attorneys?

I was unfairly fired in July 2008, which ended my 36 year career as an xray tech, since I could not get reemployed in my profession, or be hired into any job at all, for that matter. I have been struggling to keep my house ever since. HSBC is my mortgage holder, unfortunately. I got a loan mod from HSBC in October 2011, but it was minimal, reducing my payments from $1684 to $1496, interest from 6.5% to 5.25%. HSBC does not do permanent modifications, only “trial’ ones, which multiple HSBC employees have told me when I talked to them about my situation. After a 2010 suicide attempt, I now have disability income, but my mortgage takes up 70% of my income. I am highly motivated to keep my house since I have been unable to find rental property I can take my three rescue dogs into. These dogs have various behavior problems, and were each rescued from death, and if surrendered would be euthanized because of these problems, including bit histories. These dogs are my children, since I never had human children, and are truly therapy dogs, so this option is simply not acceptable.

Today, 2-29-12, I got an email from a company giving a phone number of a law firm which could help with mortgage problems. I called the number and spoke to an individual identifying his law firm as Consumer Defense I spoke to him at length (almost an hour) and he said their firm could help, and he would email me an agreement to sign. This agreement would be for representation with a $1000 retainer and a $500 per month charge until the situation was addressed and a permanent modification was obtained, which he said would take no more than 5 months.. I had paid a California attorney to do this in 2009, and they had to give up after 7 months, telling me HSBC simply did not do permanent modifications, and they refunded me my $3000. I have since spoken to dozens of different attorneys and loan mod companies who all tell me that HSBC simply is impossible to deal with, and since my loan is not Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac or FHA, and HSBC did not get TARP money, I am basically screwed, since my credit is too bad and my income too low to refinance.

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What this individual told me today that really frightened me was that I had to give him my bank routing and account information before he sent me the agreement! I told him that what he was doing was a very hard sell tactic, and that I needed time to think about it. I had checked out the website, when he had me on hold, and saw a very familiar website. I had responded to a TV ad from Homeowners Defense Network, and was routed to a law firm called Consumer Attorney Services. com. I spoke to a paralegal last Friday 2-24-12, who gave me their website, took my information and said he would call me, but he never did. The website for his firm, listed the exact same attorneys, the main one being Brenda McCann, and when I did a search for her name no results came up except in connection with Charles Manson, and some rock group. When my guy came back from putting me on hold, I asked him about the identical websites, and he said they were an affiliate, and kept pressuring me to give my bank information NOW, that he was a good guy working for a law firm, and that I had called him because I needed help. I finally refused to give my bank information, and ended the call.

I believe that both companies are scams perpetrated by the same individual, especially since the individual I talked to today 2-29-12, assured me he was honest and not a scam, but I had to do this TODAY, period. Do you have any information about either website? Should these people be reported to someone? I couldn’t find either law firm mentioned in the list of complaints I could access, but I wanted to address my concerns to you anyway. Thank you for your time and hard work providing good quality information for the average consumer who needs help making good quality decisions.

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  1. This is nothing more than a scam! These people are the most unprofessional people I have ever worked with! They assure you that all is well and these wonderful things they can do to help you. They will do nothing more than take your money and leave you to figure out what to do next. They took $1950.00 from us and didn’t do anything!! Now they won’t call me back after numerous messages left. To their conscience the people you need to talk to are away from their desk,on the other line or not in.If you can’t work something out with your mortgage they can’t either!

    • That’s what happen to me too.Consumer Defense Attorneys are scam.I paid 2 Payment of $750.00 dollar but nothing happen to my Loan Modification,so i file complain with BBB.They return only $150.00 out of my $ 1500.00 payment.Don’t trust this company…

  2. I hired Consumer Attorney services in June and had 25% of my principal balance forgiven. Additionally, I saved $324.76 per month on my payments. These guys are legit and deliver the goods. I am eternally grateful to a law firm that has integrity and commitment. They called me each week until my case was finished and not once did I have to worry or stress. I am one very happy customer.

  3. Marilyn,
    In addition to the advice given (and I certainly agree that you should never pay a law firm or anyone for a loan modification) I would suggest contacting a housing counselor at a HUD certified agency ( to get free and reliable information on refinancing.

    Good Luck!

    • Marilyn
      I agree with Msullivan. Do not pay for any loan modification!!
      Question, did you receive the email as a solicitation? The reason I asked is because I was under the impression that lawyers are not permitted to solicit clients.

      • I went through HUD and came close to losing my home. Luckily, I hired CAS to handle my case. If I had not, the buffoons at HUD would have lost my home for me. I was able to get a principle balance reduction and a lower interest rate. Government programs would be great if they had more people working on the cases; however, these morons told my lender to take my home.

  4. There are several firms like this one out there. A lot of them market themselves as able to MODIFY your loan for a fee. The truth is that, most are unsuccesful, leaving customers with a broken heart and  having to go back to the orginal mortgage company. Modifications are taking a very long time right now and if I were you, I would get my house in order, and rent a room or two. If you have a a garage rent it in order to get a little extra  money to pay for your house. Utimately, all comes down to choices. Dogs vs ? Perhaps you may decide to do a short sale? Remember one thing, you are most important than everything else. Do what is healthiest for you.. and keep yourself well. Many of us are having a very rough time and utimately, material things are just that.


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