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Slow Spring Predicted for Debt Relief 2012

With the clocks just adjusted for spring it’s a good time to remind all of those in the debt relief space that the traditional spring slowdown is upon us., or at least it feels like that to me.

This time of year has always had a decreased demand for debt relief services. My best guess has always been that many believe a big tax refund check will address any issues at hand but then again nice weather seems to slow down demand as well.

For me, big tax refund checks are more an indication that people have been over withholding and letting the government use their money for free during the year rather than putting more cash in their pocket each month. But that’s a different post.

If we use U.S. searches for credit counseling information as an indicator you can see the historic trend in action.

Traditionally the demand for debt relief picks up after April 15 as we head into summer, drops off during vacation time and then drops off again at back to school and Christmas time.

The current reduction in debt relief demand is exacerbated by the lack of easily extended credit to consumers to fuel the need for debt intervention services.

If you are seeing a different trend, please post your observations in the comments below.

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