FTC to Pursue Other Options in Debt Settlement Case Loss in Texas

Under the heading of “wow that was fast,” I’ve already received a response from the Federal Trade Commission to their recent loss in a Texas Federal Court in their case filed against Freedom Financial Processing, Debt Professionals of America, Debt Consultants of America, Robert Creel, Corey Butcher, and Nikki Creel.

In that case, which you can read more about here and here, the FTC claimed the debt settlement company was making deceptive and misleading consumer claims.

The Jude ruled against the Federal Trade Commission and felt that performance claims only need to be based on consumers who completed the debt settlement program, and not based upon the experience of all consumers.

You can read the courts ruling against the FTC at Court Issues Unfavorable Decision to FTC in Debt Settlement Performance Claims Suit.

According to Jessica Rich, Director of the Division of Financial Practices at the Federal Trade Commission, “We’re disappointed in the Judge’s ruling, and continue to believe that the defendants’ conduct is deceptive. We are considering all our options.”

Clearly this case is not over yet. More to come I’m sure.

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