The IRS Has Not Debited My Account Yet. Should I Worry? – Art

I’m almost debt free. Used to be in debt and owed back taxes. I am now almost debt free (thank to awesome people like you) and will be up to date with my taxes within 30 days.

I filed my 2011 taxes Two weeks ago Saturday. My CPA said the IRS will debit my bank account on 3/20 for Federal and 4/1 for my state (California). Today is the 21st and no debit from the IRS. Should I be worried or is it normal for them to miss debiting your account?

Thank you very much!


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3 thoughts on “The IRS Has Not Debited My Account Yet. Should I Worry? – Art”

  1. I called my CPA and she said it’s normal. I still don’t think it is since its now the 26th and the account still not debited. The amount is pretty high so hopefully they’ll debit it soon. I’ll keep you guys posted. thanks!

  2. Hi Art,

    Check with your CPA to be sure everything is in order with your filing, but yes, delays in processing do occur. You or your CPA have the ability to inquire with the IRS about the delay.

    Congratulations on your success with clearing your debts!



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