Universal Fidelity – Consumer Complaint – 3-21-2012

Date This Problem Happened: March 16, 2012

State You Live in: Oregon

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid:

Company Name: Universal Fidelity

Company Address:

P.O. Box 941911
Houston, Texas 77094-8911

Company Telephone Number: 281-647-4156

Website of Company: payuflp.com

Consumer Statement:

A few days ago, me and my wife recieved a letter in the mail from a company called “Universal. Fidelity, LP. They stated that we owe a balance of $ 33.53 to Hollywood Video and list of four different movies that they say we have kept, which is not true. We were once with Hollywood video until they went out of business. But, we returned all movies after we rented them, and that was like three years ago. This company said’s we owe for movies that were rented back in 11/10/09 & 01/30/09. We have never kept any movies that we rented from Hollywood Video. I am not responding to this BS that they say we owe them. Im going to report them to the fraud Department of the Consummer Services Agency.

Consumer Action Taken:

I have tried to call Universal, Fidelity, LP several times, but cant seem to get through to them. I will keep on callling until i speak to someone about this fraudulent piece of mail they sent me, and tell them that im not going to pay them one penny, but i am going to report them to the proper authorities for sending fraulent mail to me and my wife and trying to threaten us to pay for something which we do not owe. I want this company reported for Fraud.

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2 thoughts on “Universal Fidelity – Consumer Complaint – 3-21-2012”

  1. They should be in jail for fraud. I also am not paying one dime either . Yes, Paul when I owed a late fee once they called me and let me know and I paid it right away . That was ONCE , if I recall correctly.  It sounds like a scam to me also . Very pathetic they are getting away with it, but if everyone complains and makes our voices heard maybe they won’t.  

  2. My girlfriend worked for Hollywood video for about 9 years right up to the last day they were in business (in Oregon).  We both would have known if I had had any late fees on my account.  And i know for a fact that part of an employees’ job was to call customers who had late fees to get them to pay.  So I, being in a relationship with an employee at the store I rented from, would have DEFINITELY known  that I’d had late fees from rentals for 2 years on my account.  It’s completely bogus, this company is without a doubt scamming and stealing money from people, and it’s pathetic that they are getting away with it and not in jail.


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