Real Estate Law Center – Consumer Complaint – 3-26-2012

Date This Problem Happened: March 23, 2012

State You Live in: California

Race/Ethnicity: Other

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $6,118

Company Name: Real Estate Law Center

Company Address:

3240 El Camino Real / 695 S. Vermont Av suite 1100
Irvine / Los Angeles, CA 92602 / 90005

Company Telephone Number: 213-382-3250

Website of Company:

Consumer Statement:

I received from RELC, pc that form about them going after your loan company for basically charging too much. I signed up with them thru a woman @ (657) 210 5207. Because I’m broke, I had to pay the $6,000 in two cashier checks. Then I’m to pay $29.95 each month for paperwork, faxes, etc. Suddenly I received an email from this woman stating she is no longer working for R.E.L.C.,pc. Then I was told I can follow their progress on a superior court web site. When I tried to do that they gave me a case # I’m to punch in to get an update. Another person’s name came up. Then calling all the different numbers they gave me and finally getting thru to a person, they thought I was with Bank of America’s suit. I said I was with Indy. They said they’ll get back with me. Never did! Then I called last week and spoke with Deepak Parwatiker who reassured me and said he’ll fax me my info. He never did. Call the numbers, and the re is no answer!

Consumer Action Taken:

Thru simple communication, and I called the Better Business Burough. Then a guy called me that same day and I believe he called because BBB called him, but I don’t know for sure. I called BBB in the beginning and they assured me the company has never had any complaints. The woman I mentioned whom I went through was named Anouchka Fairon/[email protected] She seemed to be a very nice woman.I’m afraid if I stop paying the monthly 29.95 the contract says I then forfeit and they don’t represent me anymore and keep all money!

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7 thoughts on “Real Estate Law Center – Consumer Complaint – 3-26-2012”

  1. ill tell you what, ive found out that if youlook hard enough at real estate law center pc and Deepak Parwatikar, Chad Pratt and Deepak can say all they want to about not being a member of RELC, cause on paper your right! He’s not! Then compare the company PLC’s address and RELC address and not the one in Pasadena. Check out the address the BBB has for RELCpc. then try and find Deepak’s company PLCpc, on BBB web sight. you cant but if you google it you will find him and where he is located. in the same building! how else is he answering the phone at RELC??? come on people!!!


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