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A reader forwarded a message that Nicholas Passlacqua sent out a message that is and is offering ten free debt settlement leads to try their service.


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  • Yes, you are right its not that your leads suck or that Nick has changed company names so many times because he has burnt so many bridges…it’s because I have nothing better to do with my day, I have no balls and Im jealous. Did I miss anything?  Everything I claimed is made up and thanks to your great detective work and persistent questioning you have exposed me for the liar that I am.  Bahahahahaha !!! What ever help you sleep at night thief.

  • It’s a shame they let people post non-sense on this forum. It’s also a shame people have nothing to do with their life. Put your real information here N leads suck. Let’s see if you have the balls.

    • You must be Nick’s newest sales manager, 4th one this year?  I dont think its non-sense to inform others to not be fooled by a smoke and mirrors name change.  It doesn’t hide the fact that anyone who buys your leads will lose their investment… guaranteed!! 
      Larry smacked Nick around because Nick is a typical lead gen scumbag who tried to scam Larry with beat up leads.  Nick has been running one scam after another since his penny stock pushing days so I guess he had it coming.  
      Do you really think a name change is going to improve the quality of your leads?  Ask yourself this newbie, if Nick’s leads are that good then why the name change?  Cant you hold onto any clients?  Nick’s churn n’ burn mentality tears through clients faster than he burns through salesmen.  Do you want to talk facts or are you going to really take the tough guy route on this one?

      • No tough guy route but if you are going to post something make sure it’s true. You post is such a far cry from the truth it’s scary. You should get  your facts in order and also have the balls to state who you are if you are going to post anything. So now are you going to hide behind the internet or are you going to be a man and let us all know who you are? Don’t be scared just man up and stop posting lies. Let’s see? You have never written a post before and then your first post is about Nick. Sounds like a jealous competitor. You should also be warned Nick is a businessman but he doesen’t play games either and you may be the one getting smacked around. So for the last time,state who you are or stop posting.


          Here’s Larry’s guy admitting that he smacked Nick around for selling bogus leads.  I don’t just make this stuff up. 

          If Nick doesn’t play games then why was he crying his first night in jail for securities fraud? Was it because he knew he was about to turn witness against all his codefendants ?  You’re barking up the wrong tree with those threats, I don’t play in your wanna be gangster world so I don’t take you seriously.  Now go home and get your shine box !!

          • If you are telling the truth then why don’t you simply let everyone know your real name so we know you are credible? Simply state your name or stop posting. I guarantee you won’t, I also guarantee when you see him you will look him in the face and shake his hand. Isn’t that right AG?

          • I find it funny that instead of defending your leads and company you are going to play the tough guy role here.  If I tell you my name, you jerkoffs would pile in a car and come to my office like the wanna be gangster that you are and I would have no choice but to shoot you. Its that simple and I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it.  

            I haven’t seen Nick in years and I assure you I would never shake that crooks hand.  Nick has been selling debt leads for years and there aren’t many companies that haven’t lost money with his leads.  What difference does it make what my name is?  

            Its the same story…great batch of leads the first few orders until he convinces you to place a huge order and thats when he sticks you with crap rehashed leads.  Then, anyone who complains is met with threats.  Not physical threats because Nick couldn’t fight his way out of a brown paper bag.  Instead, the slimy bastard threatens to call every AG and complain (like a little bitch) that the company he just stole from is not licensed in that state…..  

            Trust me, if I saw Nick I would do the opposite of shaking his hand…. and you…what’s your name newbie?  You would get an open handed smack, like a bitch for being his little bitch. 

            We can keep going with this if you like or you can just walk away with your tail between your legs because if you continue with the tough guy route I’ll really expose Nick for the fraud he is.  

            Maybe we should take a poll and ask who on this site bought leads from Predictive Dollars, Leads2net, Juicy leads, Adflair or any of Nicks companies and lets see what the rest of the industry thinks?      

          • Sounds like a competitor to me. Also sounds like this competitor has no balls. Lots of assumptions and says on one hand he has no fear of the guy but on the other hand keeps hiding. It’s a shame some people have nothing else to do except waste time to put other people down when they should be focused on their own business. I know from many people in the industry that Passalacqua is extremely impressive at generating leads and is known to be a creative genius. I also know a few people that have become millionaires with his leads. Their is nothing in this for me except I hate to see the bottom feeders try and hurt the big guys. That’s why they will always remain small. Have a good weekend people.

  • Hey Nick,  I heard Larry Diadato is looking to buy leads, you should go meet with him but dont forget to remove your jewelry so he doesn’t steal it again.

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