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What Should I Expect from Macey Bankruptcy Law?

“Dear Steve,

I was unemployed for while and living on CC to survive, I now have a job but cannot get out of the whole I put myself into trying to get by while i was unemployed. My interest rates are so high and i can only afford to pay minimum payments, therefore getting no where in paying them off. I live paycheck to paycheck, im not late on any payments but at the same time not getting anywhere.

Im going in for a consultation at Macey Law for bankruptcy, which is the last thing i want to do but I dont have a choice anymore. I couldnt find any reviews on this company and want to know if you have herd anything about them or what i should expect, i have no idea what im doing or how to go about it, I just know i need help.


Dear Laurie,

As with any bankruptcy provider you should expect a high level of customer service and care. I’d first evaluate your experience with them to determine how they treat you as a paying client. Consider the friendliness of the staff and the willingness of the attorney or staff to answer all of your questions.

Most of all, trust your gut feelings. If you don’t get a warm and fuzzy feeling you are in good heads, talk to another attorney in your area and find one you feel good working with.

The bankruptcy process is stressful enough on so many levels that the last thing you want to deal with is being treated like a number. You are not a number but a person who needs professional legal help to deal with a difficult time in your life.

For the most part the consumer bankruptcy process is a fairly standardized process so unless their is something really unusual about your situation, most licensed bankruptcy attorneys should be able to handle the actual filing.

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In high traffic offices sometimes that client actually gets lost in the process as staff do the same thing over and over each day trying to get their jobs done. This is why, for me, the most important thing to look for is exceptional customer service, communication, and friendliness.

As far as the bankruptcy process itself goes you’ll need to gather together information about who you owe, take an online credit counseling class, attend one meeting at the bankruptcy court which will be nothing really, and get your debt discharge notification.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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  • Steve, I think you got this only half right.  As a bankruptcy specialist, I applaud the importance you put on client service and responsiveness.  But you’re off the mark when you say “most licensed attorneys can handle” a consumer bankruptcy. 

    The field of bankruptcy law has been flooded with newcomers, some experienced in other fields, some brand new lawyers.  They see bankruptcy as only “filling out forms”.  Wrong! 

    The form just reports the analysis that a careful lawyer performs to make sure the client hasn’t repaid family or retitled assets in a way that gets their friends and family sued.   The person filing bankruptcy can lose their discharge if they make an unchallenged “assumption” about what assets they have to disclose.

    At minimum, an individual should select a lawyer who devotes a substantial amount of their practice to bankruptcy and who puts in face time with the client.  The less time the lawyer spends probing the client’s information, the more likely a blunder.

    • Good point.

      But if I put this into a medical context in my life I knew brilliant doctors who only had to basically look at you and apply their years of experience to immediately know what had to be done and others that spent quite a bit of time and ran any number of tests to reach the same conclusion.

      From the patients/consumer point of view that’s an almost impossible item to discern.

      So let me add, the “filing out of forms” correctly!

      I fully admit that there is no shortcut for knowledge, experience, and caring. And I’m very open for any test you can suggest that consumers can apply to find a great bankruptcy attorney for them.

  • I’ve been working with a debt settlement company for a few months now and they’ve been great but I’m now thinking the better option may be to file bankrupcy. I’m working with Donaldson Williams who have been great! Is bankruptcy something they can help me with? If I’m current on some account and deliquent on others can I file bankruptcy? I have a car loan which I’ve always paid on-time and will continue to pay for I NEED my car for work. will me car be effected by bankruptcy?

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