Fiji Serviced United Employee Benefits Group and National Employee Benefits Group Still Not Registered in America

On March 15, 2012 I published a story titled, “Debt Relief Companies of Tim Gibbons and Jennifer Yoffe Not What They Seem.”

in that article I pointed out a number of issues with companies associated with Tim Gibbons and Jennifer Yoffe. The debt relief companies were United Employee Benefits Group and National Employee Benefits Group.

While I often don’t get back to taking a second look on many articles, I thought I would in this case. After all, Gibbons went after me hard with threats of legal action about my article. It made sense to check to see if the problems I’d alleged had been fixed.

In the case of United Employee Benefits Group, they claimed to have their executive offices in Texas. At the time of the article there was no State of Texas business registration to be found and Gibbons, nor Yoffe, produced any evidence to support any such filing.

A check just now found there is still no registration to do business on the state site.

And it looks like little has changed at the uebg.org website as well.

National Employee Benefits Group has a similar looking website as the last time I saw it at nationalemployeebenefits.org.

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NEBG claims to still be located in California but as of the publication of this article the State of California still has no record of their registration as National Employee Benefits Group to do business.

The only thing I found that’s changed from my previous article was that the BBB has since changed the rating of National Employee Benefits Group from A- to a solid F. – Source

And apparently United Employee Benefits, LLC, Nevada registered, with managers Tim Gibbons and Jennifer Yoffe has still not fixed their business name to match their website or their website name to match their registered business name.

It appears no action has been taken to correct the issues raised in the article. Tim Gibbons and Jennifer Yoffe do not appear to have subsequently registered to do business in Texas and I did not observe any changes to their website. For them it appears as business as usual. Same with the National Employee Benefits Group.

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Apparently the glaring issues of no apparent registration to do business were of no concern to them since it appears they have taken no steps to fix the basic problem.

Kind of sad it wasn’t more of an apparent priority to them to register and operate legally. I mean really, you would think that if their executive office was located in Texas they’d at least make an effort to make sure it’s registered. Wouldn’t you?

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