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Benjamin & Ryan Holdings – Consumer Complaint – 4-22-2012

Written by Consumer

Date This Problem Happened: February 12, 2012

State You Live in: Guam

Race/Ethnicity: Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $160,000

Company Name: Benjamin & Ryan Holdings

Company Address:

4/F , Eletric Centre
31 City Garden Road
North Point Hong Kong

Company Telephone Number: 852-6505-8190

Website of Company:

Consumer Statement:

Benjamin and Ryan Holding they make me believe it was real so l took the bait I really don’t know anything about a computer or Internet I just stared this year when I receive the ticket from my mail it was Christmas ticket that say Scratch and win I don’t know anything about scam until the FBI told me I feel so bad cause I don’t know how to pay the people that I barrow from and the bank took two of my car right now am just living on the street I even inform them that am Senior Disabilities person am only receiving Social Security this what they say to me we Benjamin and Ryan Holding member of this company we don’t care what you are or who you and we don’t give a dame what people say I said to Jackey Kong what about my money you keep asking me that I need to pay this and that it when up to 15.000.00 Jackey Kong said an sorry you lost that I said why I pay everytime so suppose to receive my winning money Jackey Kong said your not a member only a member can receive the Christmas bonus Scratch and win so they use my money to give it to the member that won the ticket any way this are the people thats in the scam MIN LON TAN, KOK LON YAP, JUN WAI WONG, ROBERT HOO, JACKEY KONG, MEI YI WONG, this people member of Benjamin and Ryan Holding. SHAWN LIM, HAROLD LAU, this two people member of sands Tourism Company

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Consumer Action Taken:

I want them to pay me back what they had parmiss me right now I lost everything in my life and I want them to say they were sorry for saying about the people that are Disabilities and the Senior we are from the USA Benjamin and Ryan Holding Address – 4/F Eletric Centre 31 City Garden Road North Point Hong Kong, Tel- +0852-6505-8190 Email [email protected] Now for sands Tourism Address 4/D 10 Floor Wisma Yoon Cheng Batu 11 Jalan Ipoh 52300 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Tel-+6011-1615-7568 or 9 Email- [email protected]

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  • Hi stave it seem that Benjamin and Ryan Holding in Hong Kong putting up thare add again to stard scam the people again I just hope the people would not fall for it they showing us that noting going on and noting wrong and they don’t do noting anyone out there that read this please don’t fall for there add there are the biggest SCAMMER in the world they steal from you and left you noting and out cold please my friend out there stay away from them god blass you all thank you

  • Hi Stave I been hearing this scam about Benjamin and Ryan Holding and sands Tourism what are they doing about it you no I really don’t like what they did to this person and I really don’t like what they say about us that they don’t give a dame what we think or say it sound like they planing something for us what blow us up you know what stave they should put there two feet down and get them don’t wait to be like 7-11 people that say they don’t give a dame about us USA thouse people is sick in there head this all am going to say Benjamin and Ryan Holding and Sands Tourism don’t ever talk about us like that because you don’t no about us so watch what you saying

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