United Mortgage Consulting – Consumer Complaint – 4-26-2012

Date This Problem Happened: February 17, 2012

State You Live in: Massachusetts

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $3,994

Company Name: United Mortgage Consulting

Company Address:

3475 Via Lido
Newport Beach, CA 92663

Company Telephone Number: 866-971-7827

Website of Company: unitedmortgageconsulting.com

Consumer Statement:

The company, United Mortgage Consulting of New Port Beach, CA had sent me a letter stating that they could get my mortgage payments and amount owed lower, they would also be able to dismiss my second mortgage under a program signed into law by President Obama.

They further corresponded via email and using the Bank of America as their agent and Citi-Bank Mortgage as their Financing Institution, using the Citi-Financial letterhead.

Consumer Action Taken:

I had stayed in contact with them and continued to call. They told me that they had another program that was better for me and then they sent me a new contract that was so ridiculous that I told them I wanted to cancel since they could not deliver on the promised agreement that we had signed and for which they took $3994.00 as an upfront amount to be held in escrow for when they needed to pay for the cost and when I got the new mortgage.

The date I am using for the start of Problem, is the day I received the contract for original agreement with UMC and allegedly Citi-Bank

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  1. Right now I don’t believe no wone because what had happen to me everytime they send me something I just delete them I don’t trust them anymore right now I only trust stave get out of debt first and last they ever going to do that to me again am still herting because I don’t have my children with me Benjamin And Ryan Holding and Sands Tourism took that away from me all I can say to all you out there stay away from it. It will distroy your life and your future like me always remember it’s to good to be true don’t go for it think whats going to do to you and your family please it really hert


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