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Avoid Spam Text Message

Written by Steve Rhode

Readers are reporting to me a new spam message out today that promotes a new site

This spam message is designed to look like a message from It’s not. Most likely people that respond will be charged for a text message, Just as people have reported being charged $9.99 a month after receiving messages from:

Short Code: 45244 ID: 35594
Provider: TotalSMSSolUS

The domain was registered just today and is listed as being owned by someone out of China.

Creation Date…….. 2012-04-25 04:10:17
Registration Date…. 2012-04-25 04:10:17
Expiry Date………. 2013-04-25 04:10:17
Organisation Name…. liu wenge
Organisation Address. jiefanglu344hao
Organisation Address.
Organisation Address. wuhan
Organisation Address. 424000
Organisation Address. HB
Organisation Address. CN

The site is said to reside on a U.S. based server with the service provider Limestone Networks. Server records show there are three sites on the server:

People who visit the fake Best Buy website are told that when they enter the code they are agreeing to the following terms:

Information We Share This Privacy Policy applies to consumers that have signed up on the website. We may sell, brand or share your personal information that you supply to us with other 3rd party businesses so they can bring selected retail opportunities via direct mail, e-mail, SMS text messaging, telemarketing, pre-recorded messages, or automated attendant telemarketing. These businesses may include providers of direct marketing services and applications, including lookup and reference, data enhancement, suppression and validation and email marketing. For example, if you express interest in a particular product or service, you may be contacted by telephone regarding that particular product or service. collects minimal demographic and personally identifiable information from many users. This information is aggregated and analyzed to help us tailor future offers and to help our marketing partners and advertising agencies understand the demographics of our customers in order to evaluate the potential effectiveness and profitability of doing business with us. Part of our business model involves sharing personally identifiable information, such as name and address, with third-party marketing concerns. While cannot control the practices of our advertisers and third-party marketers, we endeavor at all times to do business with reputable partners who also follow a best practices model regarding your privacy.

All information provided to by the users of this site may be used to support our suppression, validation and enhancement services to other marketing companies, advertising agencies, compilers and data companies.

As an example, opt-out information may be shared with other marketing partners so that those users opting out of further offers are suppressed from the partner’s mailings or promotions, as well as our own. In addition to complying with our users’ preferences, it simply makes good business sense to mail only to those customers who have indicated a desire to receive such mailings.

If you enter the code you come to the following web page on

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