Realty Law Center / Attorney Bruce Weiner – Consumer Complaint – 4-30-2012

Date This Problem Happened: May 15, 2011

State You Live in: Massachusetts

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $3,400

Company Name: Realty Law Center / Attorney Bruce Weiner

Company Address:

6B Liberty Street Suite 215
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

Company Telephone Number: 800-965-9296

Website of Company: RealtyLawCenter.com allstatelawfirm.com

Consumer Statement:

All State Law Group of Newport Beach, California, has scammed me out of $3,400 for a loan modification from a supposed “special government program.” This month (May 2012) marks the 1 year anniversary of the date I stupidly bought their pitch (mailed to my home) and sent them $3,400 for what the All State rep/huckster with the suspcicious sounding name of “Patrick Hilton” told me was a “slam dunk” application. I was told the fact that I had never been late with a mortgage payment, still had decent equity in my home, made me a lock for a new interest rate “in the 3’s or better.”

Consumer Action Taken:

I have phoned and emailed a continually changing cast of characters for a YEAR! Always a new story. Then the person you were talking to “has left the firm.” I tried email for months, then phone calls and email, now just phone calls that never get returned.

IMPORTANT! Two entities are working this scam: originators All State Law Group in Newport Beach, CA. They now don’t answer the phone, so it is their “processing center” REALTY LAW in Aliso Viejo CA that is the new front. 949-600-9961

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17 thoughts on “Realty Law Center / Attorney Bruce Weiner – Consumer Complaint – 4-30-2012”

  1. My Brother and I, Elsworth and Linda Urquhart, payed Allstate Law Firm $3500 for a Loan Modification back in the beginning of 2011.  I followed up with them weekly and they continuously lied to me telling me tat my loan modification would soon be forthcoming.  In December of 2011 tha bank forclosed on us telling us that the only thing Allstate Law Group had sent them was a letter stating that they were representing us in a Loan Modification.  I immediately contacted Allstate Law Group and they continuously lied to me.  To stop the foreclosure, I began working with the bank, and within 4 months we were awarded a loam ,modification from the bank.  I have repeatedly asked the Law firm for my money back and they always lie and say the firm’s manager will call me back, yet no one ever does.

  2. These people took 3500.00 of my money and nothing has been done. I’ve done my own research and hired a P.I. This is the info I have so far. The Man behind the scenes, that calls the shots “Tamer Qursha” # 949-613-1671. The woman that heads up the whole operation is Jennifer Espinoza # 562-686-2592. Other known websites operated by the same group homesteadlawfirm.com, realtylawcenter.com, realtylawfirm.com and Im sure there are more.

  3. I have also been scammed by this company. I paid the $3400 over a year and a half ago and never got a call back. I called and logged over 150 phone calls and messages. Recently, they just changed their phone number and no one answers and they are not accepting messages. Liz Gomez is the lawyer. I am going to start the complaint process.

    • The attorney involved with Realty Law Group is Bruce Weiner. His office address is 18000 Studebaker Road, Stel 700, Cerritos, California 90703. His phone number is 562-467-8950. The fax number is 562-467-8951. His e-mail is weinerlawoffices@hotmail.com.

  4. We are another family that has gotten scammed as well. We also paid $3400. They just talk in circles every time we call. It’s always “under review” or “in processing”

      • Nope…..we are actually going to be contacting another lawyer (a real one) and filing a complaint with the CA State Bar. We don’t believe anything that “company” says. We are not behind on our mortgage or any bills for that matter…

          • I had already found it via the state bar website. Thank you though…I just think it’s a shame that none of the information I am finding now was not available a year ago. I researched this company before we sent the money and couldn’t find anything negative. I hope that one day we will be able to get that money back although I don’t know if we will ever see it again.

          • I am a $3400 victim of All State Law Group / attorney Bruce Weiner / Realty Law Center. There are clearly many of us, and the only way justice will be done is if we band together in a class action law suit. This past week I did escalate this to the Orange County California District Attorneys 0ffice and Cal Consumer Protection Agency — but they will only prosecute the crime, not seek money back. A class action suit in civil court can result in stolen assets being repaid — even if it takes the houses and luxury cars these thieves are currently enjoying. A decent law firm will likely take this case on contingency, without an advance, because it must be a small fortune Bruce Weiner has stolen. I was told by one of the fraudulent people on the phone that they were processing “more than 900 applications, so you have to be patient.” Do the math. 900 x 3400 is $3 million and change. Crime pays. If anyone is interested, write me back via this site and I’ll figure out a way we can get organized. Do not hold out false hope that if you just wait a little longer your modification will suddenly materialize. That is what they are counting on. It’s been one year for me. Thanks for reading. CRF

          • I am told the real owner is Tamer Qursha and Bruce Weiner may just be the “front”. Tamer is a convicted felon and Noreen Dona is his probation officer out of Santa Ana, California. I think her number is 714-338-2900.

          • From what I know, Weiner was naive and scammed by Tamer as well. Weiner only getting a couple hundred bucks per application. When the scam was exposed, Tamer refused to return any of the money, leaving Weiner to try and repay everything from his own funds which he was unable to do. Tamer found a sucker in Weiner to be his fall guy and he will probably get away with no charges and the money, while Weiner gets all the consequences.

          • Contact FBI agent Joe Nieblas (714) 542-8825. This right appears to be run by Tamar Qursha, a convicted felon. Noreen Dona is Qursha’s probation officer at 714-338-2900.

          • Follow up … I will definitely file a complaint with the California Bar Association — but please know that this attorney Bruce Weiner has already previously once been dis-barred or lost his ability to practice law for a time. I just set up a Google account for anyone who would like discuss possible collective legal action. Not sure what options are available to us and I’m sure, like me, others who’ve been scammed can’t throw any more money at this, but a concerted group acting together might get somewhere. I value my privacy as much as anyone, so if you want to join a serious discussion about this in a more private forum than this (wonderful) site, just do what I just did, set up a no-name email account with GMAIL. It takes about 2 minutes. Then please write me at: sue.allstatelaw@gmail.com

            Be sure to add the period after the word, sue.

            Thanks, CRF

  5. here is the new front for realty Law Center.check out the link below..it is the same office managers,administrators as realty law center


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